Moving On Up the Levels

We finished the marble run today!  It was first on the agenda when the girls got up this morning.  D was busier playing with her toys than building but she was having a nice time playing with the shoe box houses so I left her to it.  Then while M continued to build I got D working on Reading Eggs: she’s now on level 7!  I went to have a shower while the girls played together.  Then M did some Mathletics with me when I came down again.  She’s almost at the end of the Year 2 activities and I have to say she breezed through all of them except for the times-tables section which required a bit more input.

We had a snack and then completed the marble run!  It required quite a bit of testing, readjusting, trial and error and searching for marbles that had zoomed off course.

As and when we get more tubes we’ll add to it.  I love that we’ve got learning stuff going on all over the house: the pulley is still used daily; we’ve got times table and number charts on the bedroom wall; history time lines going up the stairs; junk modelling and boats in the lounge; cooking and nature views in the kitchen; and everything else in the front room!

An exciting order of books came today.  A lady on Facebook recommended the Wonderwise series for children who have countless questions about everything (M).  I don’t mind answering all M’s questions but it would be nice to have resources to back it up.  She asks such intelligent questions it’s hard to find a resource that caters for her age and level of understanding.  The Wonderwise books are brilliant!  D immediately wanted to read ‘The World is Full of Babies’, and both were fascinated by the one about the food chain.  I’ve got a brilliant idea for getting the girls going on their understanding of food chains but it will have to wait as we’re in the middle of our weather project now.  Speaking of which, the girls were very excited to see hail outside today, having looked at it in our Weather book last week.  Nice not to be in it though.

After a quick read, we went to David Lloyd to eat a biscuit in the café and do a page in the girls’ workbooks.  D is going through her book haphazardly, choosing different pages to do at random; while M is going through hers methodically with precision.  Both methods completely fitting with their chalk and cheese personalities.  How lovely that they can work to suit their characters, rather than being squeezed into a method of learning to suit a curriculum.

Then onto swimming.  I was wondering how D would react to swimming this week after having 4 weeks away: she was fine!  The teacher even said she’s ready to move up a stage at the end of term!  I’m not sure whether I will move her up or not as I don’t think she’s entirely confident in her current level.  M is also being moved up a stage – IF she decides to continue lessons.  She is really good at swimming but she doesn’t like lessons and would rather be left to her own devices.  I always said that she could finish having lessons once she can swim a length in front-crawl.  She can now do this so it will be interesting to see what she decides now that the power to choose is in her hands.

We didn’t get home until 6pm so I had an hour to cook my dinner and then it was time to get D to bed.  She chose to read two more Wonderwise books for her bedtime story and wanted to re-read them when I’d finished – she does love her fact books.

Little things:

The swimming teacher was congratulating another girl on swimming under water.  D (obviously feeling competitive) said ‘Well, I put my head in the water when you [the teacher] weren’t looking’.


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