‘Please Don’t be a Hitman When You Grow Up’

A strange non-eventful morning of general grouchiness on M’s part, which soon infected D and I, leaving us all a bit listless and tetchy.  Thank goodness for our Thursday group!  I think we’d been in the house too long to be honest.  It was refreshing to be amongst other children and adults.  M ran wild with her friend for 2 hours.  D ran around for a bit but soon wanted to settle down to some painting and colouring.  For me, it was nice to chat to other HE-ers and have a general chin-wag.

I think M was frustrated at leaving her friend as she gave D a whack in the car on the way home.  SO unlike her and her eyes immediately filled with tears.  I always feel she doesn’t really need telling off, she has enough self discipline and shame of her own to contend with.  D made the most of it however and howled for a while.

This evening was peaceful: we got the felts out and I made a little hat for Louis (D’s toy bunny) and started on a hat for M’s Baby Annabell.  We had a lovely bedtime story with our new Wonderwise story books.

D didn’t want to go to sleep, she said she wished she was a grown-up as sleep is so boring.  I reminded her that yesterday she wanted to be a baby.

Once D was asleep I read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to M – there were so many questions I could tell she was too tired to listen properly so I put the book down to have a chat instead.  M was complaining that she never seemed to have time to change Baby Annabell for bed.  So I said sometimes with a baby all you seem to do all day is change them and there isn’t time to do anything else.  She then said what she’s said before about how she doesn’t want to ever have a real baby.  This led to an out-pouring of things she’s obviously been secretly fretting about as her eyes were a bit tearful and she asked me questions about how she didn’t know how to get married and if you get married do you have to have a baby and she didn’t think she’d find somebody to love and marry and how she never wanted to learn to drive.  Phew!  So many worries for a 6 year old!

So I said all the things she was worried about were choices and that was the best thing about being a grown-up: choices.  Then I gave her a few ideas of choices she could make as an adult like eating chocolate for breakfast, staying in your pyjamas all day and staying up all night (are you getting an idea of the choices I made on becoming an adult?).

She said she would like to stay in her pyjamas EVERY day but when I reminded her she would have to go to work she looked worried again so I said she could choose something she really wanted to do like looking after children, construction, or organising books in a library (she liked the sound of that one).  When I said she could create bar charts for a job she scoffed and said ‘don’t be ridiculous, nobody gets paid for doing that’.  I replied that you can get paid for all sorts of things and she said ‘what, even killing somebody?’  ‘Well… er… yes… They’re call hitmen’.

A very long bedtime chat ended with me kissing M night-night and asking her to please not be a hit-man when she grows up.



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