Colds and Coding

Today’s plans of going out to our Putney meet-up were put off after a very sleepless night with D and me waking up with a sore throat and a muzzy head.  Boo.  J went in very late this morning and managed a play with the girls and a game of chess with M (who thrashed him).  His brother, G, also came round and looked at the globe with the girls: I was pleased to hear they could tell him quite a few of the countries and D was telling him about her beloved Yuri Gagarin.

After they had both gone to work, we had a lovely chilled morning of activity books and colouring in times-table grids.  The girls stuck to type: m laboriously colouring each square using a complicated formula that I couldn’t figure out; D on the other hand coloured all the squares in yellow, job done.

I had already decided that nothing academic would be done today, I just didn’t have the brain power for it.  However, D found a laminated grid of the numbers 0 – 109 that I had dug out from M’s old school stuff.  She insisted on counting all the numbers and then said she wanted to colour it in.  With it being laminated, she couldn’t colour on it, so I scanned it in and printed a copy out for her.  D decided she was going to colour it in to show odd and even numbers, and then went one step further with her self-education and decided that zero shouldn’t be any colour because it isn’t odd or even!  Wowsers, I think I could just spend all day in bed and leave them to it :).

This weekend, I noticed a post on Facebook which featured a film about how important it is to teach children to code.  The website has a list of useful apps and links and I downloaded an app recommended for 4+ years on my tablet called LightBot.  You basically have to drag and drop commands for a robot to follow with the aim of getting all the blue tiles in the game lit.  It has been a massive success with M who loves the challenge.  She played on it for hours this afternoon and I noticed it also helped her to cope with getting it wrong and testing commands out until they worked.  There were only a couple of strops so she did pretty well!


Meanwhile, D flopped on the sofa, feeling as rubbish as I did.


By mid-afternoon I gave up trying to talk as it hurt my throat so much.  The girls were delighted (!) and loved trying to decipher what I was saying to them using hand gestures and writing messages.  M said she wanted to be my slave and offered to do things for me.  My voice came back a little towards evening but I didn’t want to read bedtime stories so M offered to read D’s bedtime story, she did a really good job.  At M’s bedtime we played downstairs for a bit longer and then had a chat in bed about Christmas and why we celebrated it on 25th December, which led to me trying to explain how a lot of old religious dates were assimilated by Christians.  Crikey, the questions that girl asks!

Now I’m off for a shot of whiskey, for medicinal purposes.

P.S. M took some photos using my phone today – some of them are rather good!


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