Biscuits and Gloop

Whiskey did the trick!  No sore throat today though not 100% better.  D has a stinking cold and M a bit of one.  Our friends were supposed to be coming over this afternoon but decided they didn’t want to risk getting even more germs than they have had lately, can’t blame them!

So we had another day indoors but it was a very busy one.  To begin the day, M decided she was going to make a den in the lounge and D helped.  This went on for quite some time and they didn’t get dressed until 10.30 – in fact, D refused to get dressed at all but I let her off as she was so full of cold.

After a snack, M did about 5 minutes of Mathletics and then announced it was boring so went to do some colouring instead.  So D came to do Reading Eggs with me instead.  Then the girls played together while I got some bread dough ready for them to shape.  We made hedgehogs, plaits and knots today.


While that was proving and baking, D did some Mathletics with me – she is now onto Year 1.  She steamed through the first few activities and amazed me by how much she knew about numbers – she’s obviously learnt loads just by looking at the number chart on our bedroom wall!  She came unstuck on an activity where you had to know how to count in 5s, but by then she’d been working for half an hour so we stopped.  I’ll see if I can show her this on the number chart tomorrow.

I cheekily told M that D was catching her up in Mathletics which immediately galvanised her into action – she spent a further 30 minutes on it!  She got stuck on an activity about reading the time on digital clocks so I found some worksheets for both girls to do.

IMAG1239 IMAG1240

We had a delicious lunch of warm buttered bread, straight out of the oven and then M said she wanted to make gloop again (her most favourite science experiment ever).  It’s 2 parts cornflour to 1 part water and a bit of food colouring.  It’s incredible stuff and M can play with it for hours.  This time however, I got M to read all the instructions and do it all herself, she did a very good job!


As Christmas draws near, I can’t resist buying in tons of biscuits, chocolate and mince pies.  The girls went crazy over some special biscuits I had bought and kept trying to sneak into the kitchen to steal them.  They’d already had two each so I promised them one more if they played the word game I made up a while ago.  They readily agreed so I went off to write down some suitable words and stick them on the window.  They have to read the word, pull it off the window, run to stick it on the table and back to read the next word until they have read all four words.  The pressure was obviously too much for D who refused to read them and still thought she should get a biscuit.  So true to character. I said she could play again when she’s ready to play properly but until then she wouldn’t get a biscuit.  It was almost unbearably cute that she stomped off to write her own word cards using her favourite word ‘the’ to use in the game instead.  She didn’t mention them to me, I’ve just spotted them stuck on the table over from where I’m sitting.  The truly cute thing is that she must have got so absorbed in writing that she forgot about the biscuit!


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