Kitchen Discos and Imaginary Play

Yet another day spent indoors, the girls are over the moon that they’ve had two pyjama days in a row.  We’re all so snuffly it doesn’t seem worth going out when we can stay warm indoors.  Plus, I’ve been so croaky I’ve had difficulty speaking the last few days so there isn’t a lot of point going out to socialise!

So how have we spent our time?  Well, yesterday we watched The Incredibles for the first time, then the girls spent hours playing shops using (bizarrely) American accents.


We spent a bit more time pinning sequins on our home-made baubles and making Christmas cards and M played on her programming app, LightBot.

I was wondering about going to Wimbledon today but when we got up no-one was in the mood and we were still feeling below-par so it was decided we’d have another pyjama day!  The girls immediately set-to with another game of shops and then D had a 2 hour bath, combing her mermaid’s hair and practising bubble-blowing in the water.

This morning I was ‘fondly’ reminiscing about how we’d have to set off for school at 7.30am so that we didn’t get stuck in traffic, then we’d sit in the car outside the school, waiting for the last possible minute before M would have to go in at 8.20am.  We always had a dance to Sammy Davis Jr’s Candy Man song which Chris Evans plays every Friday morning at 8am.  It was soooo great to be dancing around the kitchen to that song this morning.

After a snack I got the girls doing some Christmas symmetry patterns (thank you to Lisa from An Ordinary Life for these!), then D spent a happy hour on Reading Eggs.  The girls then played together for hours with Disney Princess paper dolls.  I’ve noticed how M is much more into imaginative play than she was a few months ago.  Whether this is because she wants to play with D (who spends the majority of the day in imaginative play) or whether it’s because she now has plenty of time to spend losing herself in a game, I don’t know, but it’s lovely to see.


M spent a painful half an hour on a worksheet working out digital and analogue times.  Her heart definitely wasn’t in it but she wants to do it so she can move forward in Mathletics.  After a while she gave up and began writing a newspaper instead!


Things went steadily downhill from there so I plonked them both in front of the telly to watch The Incredibles again, and I got on with dinner and an online food shop.

I was beginning to wonder if they could have done with some fresh air today but knowing that we’ve got a very busy weekend coming up I thought it best we rest as much as possible.  Now I’m off to help M tackle LightBot – it’s really challenging and addictive!


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