Phlegm, Glorious Phlegm!

I’m just going to take a moment to moan about my irritating cold: yes – still got it, yes – still feeling crap.

The girls definitely aren’t 100%: D couldn’t manage her favourite Reading Eggs today, it was like all the words had fallen out of her head; and M decided she wanted to do her handwriting sheets but got quite tearful about it being ‘not right’.  I thought about trying some science but decided my brain wasn’t up for it either.

IMAG1299 IMAG1301

So we abandoned formal learning: we baked Christmas chocolate biscuits and watched Muppets Christmas Carol instead.


A bit about the weekend – D was sick in the night on Friday so all her activities on Saturday were cancelled.  It worked out well for both of them as D got to do loads of activities with me, and M got one-on-one Daddy time.  So while M was at Judo and swimming, we did some Mathletics (D was giggling through this because I was so astonished at how well she knows her numbers 1-100), played snakes and ladders, junior scrabble and connect 4, watched a film and continued with our sequin baubles.  Phew!


On Sunday, M had her monthly nature club meet-up on Wimbledon Common.  I love this group but really didn’t want to spend 2 hours outside in the cold because of my chest so J kindly offered to go with M.  As it turned out, they were making natural Christmas decorations indoors so I could have gone – I was so annoyed to miss it!

In the afternoon, J had to meet clients at a Chelsea football match and I was determined not to have a FOURTH pyjama day so I took the girls out to see Wimbledon’s Winter Wonderland.  Wish I hadn’t bothered!  It was totally lacking in Christmassy food stalls, there were too many people in too smaller space, and the girls were too small to see any of the shows.  Boo.  Should have stayed in my PJs :).  The girls were bored so they went on a ride and then I treated them to a visit to Costa’s.

So that’s been the past few days – I keep having this nagging feeling that we should be DOING more but I’m going to have to learn to relax as there is too much phlegm in the house to make learning a possibility!


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