Lego and Pomanders

Yesterday we were out all day, hence no post.  We somehow managed to leave the house at 8.45, it was really hard!  I don’t know how we ever managed the school run before…

The morning was spent at Sutton Sports Village where M had a great time trying out gymnastics, tennis and dance.  It was a free taster session to assess demand from HE families for certain sports.  Gymnastics was M’s favourite so hopefully we’ll be able to sign up for a class after Christmas.

After that we popped over to my father-in-law’s for a few minutes, hoping to see the girls’ Nanny and her sister who is over from Australia for a few weeks.  Unfortunately they were out so we left to go to a friends’ house we’d been invited to.

We spent a few hours at our friends’ house and the kids made paper chains and snowflakes, while we mums chatted.  M didn’t want to leave and it was 5.30pm by the time we got back.  I decided to treat ourselves to fish and chips and ice-cream.

Today was a bit slower: we made pomanders, played Lego, did some Reading Eggs and M finished the Year 2 level on Mathletics!  I decided to make a roast for lunch (why??) and it was all a bit hectic while I cooked so I put the telly on for half an hour which made D cry because she wanted to carry on doing Reading Eggs.

After lunch we headed for David Lloyd to do a few pages in the girls’ workbooks and then go to swimming lessons.  We got back at 5.30pm and the girls headed straight back to Lego and pomanders!

Actually, having written down all our activities, it doesn’t seem like a slow day at all…


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