“Oh No, Not That Boring Book” or “What’s an Assembly? It Sounds Hard”

Today I was determined to get some formal work done.  As Christmas draws near there seem to be so many ‘Christmassy’ events going on, plus our usual weekly events, that formal work will no doubt suffer until the New Year.  I have a mild sense of panic about this but in my heart of hearts I know that they’re already ahead of their peers in most subjects.  However, I can’t get rid of the feeling that I ought to be working them hard in order to prove the worth of home education.  Not sure who to, maybe to myself?!

Amazingly, M was in a similar mood to me and got to work on Mathletics, announcing that she wanted to get a certificate today.  She got going on her new Year 3 levels and managed to finish one and got a certificate too.  It was surprisingly easy for Year 3?!  We then had a break to get dressed and she obligingly agreed to read a chapter of her ‘Little Princess’ book.  Meanwhile, D was playing with her Ariel mermaid doll and listening to M’s story.

D asked if she could do Reading Eggs but once she got onto the reading book at the end it was an absolute struggle to get her to finish it.  It was like getting blood out of a stone.  It’s at times like that when I do wonder if I should just suggest we do it another time, or if I should force her to plough on.  Today I chose the latter, with the promise that she could play on the Numberjacks Mission to Learn website afterwards.  Hilarious that I can get her to read a book with the promise of doing maths at the end!  Such is the wonder of Numberjacks.

While D was on the computer, M practised her handwriting (by request) and then we did a bit of work on fractions.  I don’t think I mentioned that we did a bit of fraction work last week but M stomped off in a huff because it was too hard.  So today we tried again but this time I got her to work it out in Lego pieces.  She loved it!


This soon led to more Lego playing and both girls settled down to a VERY long game of schools.  In American accents.  M’s newly built school is much loved by both girls, she’s even built an assembly hall in there.  D later said to me ‘What’s an assembly?  It sounds hard.”  Funny that she may never experience one.  What a shame that would be…


It was only 10.30am (?!) at this point so we had coffee time and then I suggested we read the Weather book and perhaps continue with our lapbooks.  Which was greeted with groans and ‘Oh no, not that boring book’.  I was amazed as they both loved doing their weather project a couple of weeks ago?!  M decided she’d like to do her lapbook but quickly abandoned the idea when drawing lightning became too difficult.  Hmm, I think I need to approach this from another angle but I’m not sure how yet.

Aunty Sh and a lot of other relatives came to pick M up to take her to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park this afternoon.  She was very excited to go!  We felt D was a little young to cope with the long journey and late night but hopefully we’ll be able to go next year.

We had a very quiet afternoon as D was so busy with Lego, she was utterly absorbed for over an hour.  She made a ‘Van-o-controllery’, as you can see:


We read D’s beloved ‘See Inside Space’ book for her bedtime story tonight.  She made a few very cute/strange comments about how perhaps Jupiter should share it’s moons out with the other planets since it has so many; how she gets mixed up sometimes between Yuri Gagarin and Dennis Tito; and how she would like to see Einstein’s dead body.  Yeeessss, bit of a fascination with dead bodies at the moment, I think.

M arrived home shortly afterwards, full of excitement about her trip and wanted to add a few words to the blog:

It was great at Winter Wonderland.  We went on about 3 train journeys to get there.  When we got there, there were lots of rides to go on.  I went on the carousel that had ponies on it that went round and round and round.  Then I went on a seat that went round and round and it once went up, that’s when I felt dizzy!  After it stopped, I went in a Fun House, it had about 6 layers.  Once, the roof went down and the floor went up!  After we’d gone all the way up and all the way down again, we went in a path and at the sides there were ice sculptures and it was -8.  The best bit of it was the stocks.  [Cousin] put his tongue out in the photograph.  After that we went on all the trains to home.  The end.


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