Maths with ‘Hen-Peas’ and Lego

Hi all, another Christmassy day to day!  The girls were taken by their Aunt Sh to a Santa show at Wimbledon Theatre this afternoon as an early Christmas present so I got a few hours to do sneaky Christmas things while the sausages weren’t around.

Knowing that they would be occupied for the afternoon, we got some maths done this morning.  M came unstuck when she tried to do some subtraction using numbers to 20 in Mathletics so I got her going on a few simple sums in her maths book.  This led on to teaching her ‘regrouping’, or ‘carrying over’ as it was called in my day.  I did show her this a few months ago but she seemed to have forgotten!  I got the Lego out and we went through it a few times and after a while she seemed to grasp it.  She insisted on trying one herself and then had a strop because she couldn’t do it.  Ho hum.  I’ll try again in a few days…


Meanwhile, D has been desperate (!) to do some work on times-tables so I got her going on the whole concept of multiplication today and she really enjoyed working the sums out using chick-peas (which she rather cutely mis-named hen-peas).

IMAG1338 IMAG1340

A lot more Lego was played today.  There was quite a silly argument and a fall-out between the girls over the Lego school M has built.  I refused to get involved as the girls are pretty good at sorting themselves out.  It ended up with D sobbing in bed upstairs so M (off her own back) wrote a very sweet note to her which said ‘I’m very sory’ and they came downstairs the best of friends again.

After dinner tonight the girls made a Christmas lantern, I’ll post a picture of them tomorrow when they’re dry.


We read another Wonderwise book at bedtime today called ‘What’s Under the Bed?.  It has so much information in it but is presented in such a friendly way that it seems more like a little story.  The book went down really well with both girls, M said she would love to go fossil hunting and D loved looking at the picture of tree roots.  It never ceases to amaze me how keen they are to learn!

Little things:

Aunty Sh told me today that when she takes the girls out she gets lots of compliments about how well behaved they are.  I’m well aware of how excellent they’re behaviour is but it’s lovely to hear from someone else!


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