Back in the Saddle

I woke up early this morning, not because of the rain lashing against the house but because of the excited butterflies in my tummy: I’m so excited about starting a new year at home with my 2 little sausages!

The Christmas break with my parents gave us a much-needed rest from our usual home-ed lives.  It turned out that we all needed a break much more than I thought.  We had lots of down-time: chatting, watching telly, playing games and seeing family.

We arrived back in London yesterday.  Luckily, J was home so I got all the unpacking done (and the Christmas decorations packed away) while he played with the girls.  There was A LOT of screaming and laughter.

So today, we’re back in the saddle again!  Bearing in mind we’re off to Center Parcs in 10 days, I thought we’d get cracking today on some home-ed stuff straight away (I say ‘straight away’, but actually they didn’t get out of the bath until 11am).  Both girls have been in a super-duper mood although this did falter slightly when I asked D to do Reading Eggs and M to do Mathletics:  D managed about 10 minutes before declaring she’d had enough and decided to play with the chick-peas and her 2 times table.  This time I got her counting in twos to add up the groups of chick-peas and she really enjoyed it;  M had a minor-flop after 5 minutes on Mathletics and decided to ‘draw’ a picture in chick-peas before getting on with a page in her times-table activity book.  It was a mark of her good mood that she didn’t stomp out of the room :).

Meanwhile, I was busily printing out Chinese new year resources for our next project.  As usual, I never think to do this sort of thing in advance but my method actually seems to work as the girls are always intrigued by what is coming out of the printer and this leads on to a dialogue about what I want them to do next.  I printed out the 12 Chinese zodiac animals and pegged them up on the line in our home school room.  D had a go at reading them and I told M all about what they meant and what ‘animal’ we all are.  Then I printed out Mandarin number cards which I’ll get laminated tomorrow.  D had fun looking through them and told me what each Chinese symbol reminded her of.  I know M did a bit of work on the Chinese New Year in Reception but I thought it would be fun for both girls to do this project. I hope to add a bit more to it by learning about China, learning some basic Mandarin words, tie in some art work and a visit to Chinatown in a few weeks.

I ended up not having a shower until it was gone 1pm.  When I came down, J (who had reappeared from being at work all morning) had got out the junk modelling and both girls were absorbed in making something.  I put on our ‘Easy-Peasy Chinese’ CD in the background and M immediately began to copy the sounds.  Not bad for a girl who claimed to not be interested in learning any languages last month.  Both girls collapsed in giggles when they heard the phrase ‘Where is the toilet?’.  Apparently an essential phrase according to the CD makers.

Amazing how you can have a busy yet seemingly peaceful day in home-ed!

IMAG1541 IMAG1543


2 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. I’m with the CD makers, that’s an essential sentence to know in any language! Your new project sounds great, I never learnt about China at school (I doubt I could even have found it on a map until I went to university) so I’m intrigued to see what you study. I hope this is a great year for you all 🙂


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