The Lounge is a MESS!

A way to measure how many indoor activities we’ve been doing is looking at the mess in the lounge!


I’ve been gingerly stepping from one bare patch of floor to the next as there’s been a lot of Lego playing today.  After a recommendation from someone on Facebook, I signed M up for  It’s basically like scouts online: you get to complete lots of activities, upload your photo’s/videos and earn patches which are posted to you.  M decided to start with a Lego challenge and spent a long time writing a word in Lego this afternoon.  Her next challenge is to create a Lego ‘pixel’ picture.

IMAG1551 IMAG1558

D also spent a long time playing with her Lego Friends and building the sets using instructions.  She’s pretty impressive at it for a 4 year old.


There was also a game of fairies and pirates, which spurred D on to write a letter to Lizzie’s father (from the film Great Fairy Rescue)!

IMAG1544 IMAG1547

There was a lot of screen time today: M is crazy about an app I bought for her called ‘Where’s My Water’.  It’s a strategy game where you have to dig tunnels to get water into Swampy the crocodile’s bath.  It is pretty addictive and I reckon she’s learning quite a lot from it.  D spent time on Reading Eggs and then went onto the CBeebies Lingo Show game: she was very sweetly repeating the Mandarin words as she played.

IMAG1562 IMAG1548

D’s favourite bit of the day was watching Stargazing on CBeebies this evening.  She’s space mad so she didn’t learn anything new but she was riveted!


I also found some little compasses that I had meant to put in the girls’ stockings but then I lost them.  I handed them over and showed the girls how to point the needle north but any further attempts to teach M resulted in her saying it was ‘boring’ so I left them to play on their own.  Surprisingly, their ‘boring’ compass game went on for quite some time.


We didn’t do as much Mandarin today as I had planned but I did put the CD on while the girls had dinner and M was absent-mindedly repeating the sounds she heard, all good!

Little things:

D whispered to me in bed this morning “Mum, when I go to bed I want you to cuddle me all night” which might have been quite sweet had it not been said in a rather threatening manner.


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