To China… and beyond!

Today we started on the girls’ China lapbooks but before we began, we had to make a trip to Tesco’s to buy some party supplies for M’s birthday party and to try out the new coffee shop, Harris & Hoole: I wasn’t overly impressed with the coffee (though it was still better than Starbucks), their brownies are delicious though.


Party supplies bought, we headed back home.

I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Mandarin over the past few days and I like to think I’m getting the hang of some of the words and tones.  When I had reversed out of my parking space at Tesco’s I said ‘hen hao’ (well done) to myself without even thinking!  I was very pleased to discover the girls understood what I’d said – we’re making progress!!

After quite a bit of playing with Lego (while I got on with a few jobs) the girls did a bit of colouring, sticking and gluing to show where China is in the world and what its flag looks like.


As we had to write down what continent China is in, we got to talking about other countries that are in Asia: the girls are getting very confident in recognising the shapes of countries on the world map, which has mainly been achieved by playing games with the globe.

I spent a long time tidying up our dining home-school room this morning as the table was heaped with stuff.  I was also looking high and low for an Usborne book on China that I’m sure I bought but I couldn’t find it anywhere.  However, I did find an Usborne Sticker Atlas that I bought months ago so the girls got on with sticking in all the objects in eastern and western Asia.


Having been inspired by a blog post I read recently, and having some spare smoked salmon in the fridge, I thought the girls might like to have a go at making sushi.  I cheated a bit and bought a kit with all the ingredients so all we had to do was cook the rice and assemble the sushi.  D was immediately put off by the smell and had to leave the room but M was very keen to do it and had a few bites of it at the end.

IMAG1573 IMAG1574

I was hoping to do a bit of artwork with the girls before bedtime but I was too tired so I switched on the telly instead.  CBeebies Stargazing was admired and adored by both girls this evening, so much so that I was asked to put it on again as soon as it had finished!

Bedtimes are a bit messy at the moment, D has made a sudden shift and isn’t falling asleep until 8-8.30pm which means that M isn’t getting her special time with me.  The answer is for me to leave D to go to sleep on her own but I’m reluctant to start a new routine when we’re off to Center Parcs next week.  M is quite cross that she isn’t getting time with me so I have made a compromise and I’m writing this on her bed while she goes to sleep.  Needless to say there is quite a bit of messing about going on so I shall sign off and sort her out!


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