Swimming and Mandarin

I thought we’d get started on our thank you cards today, usually a painstaking operation where M takes about an hour to make each card.  A few days ago I had a bit of inspiration while I was shopping for M’s party and saw some marbling inks on sale!  They arrived yesterday so we got to work on creating some beautiful marbling patterns this morning.  The girls made 12 cards each in less than an hour!  They really enjoyed seeing the different patterns they could create by adding various colours and then blowing on or swirling the coloured water with a spoon.


Afterwards, M continued to work on her sticker atlas book and both girls watched Peter Pan while I cooked a Korma for lunch.  Today was swimming lessons and I find it easier to have our main meal at lunch time so we’re not too hungry while out.

After the film had finished and lunch was eaten the girls played upstairs while I had a cup of tea and a much needed sit down.  D then came downstairs and asked to play on my tablet.  We ended up looking at an app called Pocket Planet where you can zoom in and out of planets, moons and the whole solar system, which led to D asking to see the first moon landing on YouTube followed by a clip of Dennis Tito talking about what Earth looks like from space.

Then I called M down and we got to work on our China lapbooks.  I printed off the symbols which represent their names and they dutifully cut them out and stuck them down.  I intended for them to do the same with the Chinese numbers but D wanted to draw the characters herself: they both did a brilliant job!


A few days ago I got some Chinese number cards laminated along with their Pinyin words.  Today we had a go at matching the two up while listening to our Mandarin CD.  We got them all right!  I think M in particular liked the fact that I didn’t really know what I was doing and could see I was learning alongside them.  It seemed to stop her going into a flop about it at least!


Because we were having so much fun with our China lapbooks we didn’t leave the house in time to fit in some workbook time at the David Lloyd café.  The girls were really disappointed: I can never seem to get over the fact that they love doing workbooks, I am still waiting for the novelty to wear off.

Swimming lessons went very well: both girls have moved up a stage and have new teachers.  M was harrumphing about having lessons again but I think this will wear off once she gets used to the teacher.  There were a few tears from D during the lesson but overall she actually she seemed to enjoy it and her teacher seems to have taken a shine to her.

The evening was spent watching CBeebies Stargazing, followed by toast and Lego.  Does it get any better than that?  Well, I was very tempted to finish off the day with a hot chocolate but I resisted as they’ve eaten so much of it over the last few weeks.

I’ve just left M having a fit of giggles in bed over a line in a book I’ve just read her.  She’s been so giggly this past week, she easily falls into that silent laughter you do when you laugh really hard.  She’s well and truly happy :).


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