A Very Very Slow Starter

I don’t know what was the matter with me today, I just couldn’t galvanise myself to try and engage the girls.  They had rediscovered a Disney app which allows them to set scenes for Disney Princesses and then record their own voices for the dialogue.  I’m not a big fan of Disney Princesses but when it leads to such creativity I have no complaints.  I’ve said before that M is not one to do imaginary role playing games but after a bit of bashfulness she really got going with this app, which was lovely to see and hear.  There was also quite a bit of Lego building and TV watching so it felt vaguely productive but in a very slow, sleepy kind of way.

I hung around with them for a while but felt at a bit of a loose end so decided to make a roast for lunch.  Typically, once I became busy elsewhere they both wandered into the kitchen claiming they were bored so I got D flicking through a big pile of books and M making some more Lego.  10 minutes later they were bored again so I gave them a Sutton seed catalogue asked them to choose a flower and a vegetable each that they would like to grow in the spring.  This just about kept them going until lunchtime and we all sat down together to a hearty meal.

I suggested that after lunch we could look at our sticker atlases and find a sticker we like the look of and then find a film about it on YouTube: the girls seemed vaguely interested but then drifted back to Lego once they’d left the table!  I decided to take the plunge and put on a couple of short films about Sumo wrestlers and Chinese New Year celebrations but there wasn’t a lot of interest.  M drifted back to the Disney app and D played a few games on Numberjacks Mission to Learn.

IMAG1588 IMAG1590

I spent an hour or so tidying and cleaning and then around 4.30pm I asked if the girls wanted to finish their China lapbooks, “Yes!” they chorused.  Phew.  So they put together the final pieces of information and I subtly tested their knowledge as they went.  As usual I was quite surprised at how much they’ve been absorbing.  They seem to have learnt the most from their sticker books and could point out a pagoda and The Forbidden City as they were sticking the pictures into their lapbooks.  I briefly introduced them to Buddha but I didn’t feel it was the right time to start talking about a new religion at 6pm.

I think I’m just starting to get my head round the fact that we don’t have to read or write endlessly to learn about something, and actually the girls (M in particular) seem to prefer casual conversations to other methods of learning.  I actually found my long-lost book on China today but it seemed that I had missed the window of opportunity as no-one wanted to read it, dammit.

The big prize at the end was to stick a new flag into the passports we made!  I’m amazed by how exciting they find this.  As soon as it was stuck in, D immediately asked if she could now learn about Australia, so that will be our next project!


We all had a cup of hot chocolate to celebrate finishing the lapbooks.  We may have been VERY late starting today but we got there in the end!


2 thoughts on “A Very Very Slow Starter

  1. Some days just happen more slowly than others, and that’s ok! That seems like the best thing about homeschooling to me – if you’re feeling the need for a relaxed day, you can have it. School doesn’t allow that sort of flexibility.


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