How to Escape from a Dragon

Yesterday evening I was sooo tired I could hardly focus on the screen so gave up writing my post and went to bed early.  Why was I so tired?  Because I had summoned up the courage to go swimming.  I hate swimming, but the girls love it so much when I go and it keeps them occupied while the other is having a lesson.  As it happened, I really enjoyed having one on one time with each of them in the pool: there was lots of giggles and races and warm little bodies wrapped around mine – heaven! M actually beat me in a breast-stroke race, and D reached new heights in ‘how to win a race by cheating’: splashing me in the face; kicking me in the stomach; and saying ‘go’ when half-way to the finish line.

What we’ve been up to…

M is continuing work on her skyscraper model, which is coming along nicely!


She has also been doing some amazing programming on Light-Bot:


And making her own lemon and orange juice drink, and cutting the fruit up herself – the first time I’ve let her use a sharp knife on her own!


D has been a bit under the weather the past couple of days: her cold was so heavy yesterday morning she couldn’t speak properly so ‘mummy’ became ‘mubby’ which we all had a giggle about.  I wouldn’t have taken her swimming but she was actually keen to go for once.

Today, I spent the morning doing admin and various jobs around the house (parents coming = tidy up), which meant that the girls had to occupy themselves.  There were quite a few ‘I’m bored’ comments but I’m a big advocate of boredom so I just left them to sort themselves out.  This afternoon we went along to our regular Thursday group meet-up, which gives me a great chance to chat to the other Mums and the girls get to run around like lunatics.  Strangely though, M was more in the mood to do some colouring and D didn’t want to do anything but sit on my knee.  Once they did both galvanise themselves into playing a game, they both hurt themselves and we left in tears :(.  M had quite a nasty graze on her hand so I strapped it up with cotton wool and tape, then did the same to D’s knee (which didn’t really need it).  They were both so pleased to have such enormous bandages they both cheered up immensely.

I’m still going along with the new bedtime regime: I had to go back upstairs last night because I could hear D crying: she’d had a scary dream about a dragon.  She was soon comforted with the thought that if it happened again she could hit the dragon with her sword, hide from it or (and this was D’s idea and preferred option) she could make a paper doll of herself to trick the dragon: it would then fly away with the paper doll and wouldn’t realise until it had got back to it’s cave.

M was very indignant this morning because things hadn’t gone smoothly for her while she was playing upstairs last night: she couldn’t read her fairy book because she didn’t understand one of the words and she had lost a Sylvanian Family piece.  When I said that she could have got something else to play with she stomped off in a huff.  Weirdly, this evening she ASKED to play upstairs before bed and ASKED for the fairy book again.  What’s that all about?

Little things:

Just as I was saying goodnight to D last night, she asked me if I could spell ‘yesterday’ for her.  Then this morning, in the dark, there was a little voice asking me in a whisper: ‘Mummy, how big is the moon?’.


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