M’s 7th Birthday!

On Saturday it was M’s birthday!  As she is having a party next weekend, she had a few simple requests for her actual birthday: she wanted to have pancakes, make cakes, and play games.

J & I had bought her in-line skates so a lot of the day was spent gliding around the house, learning how to balance and propel herself forwards and around corners.  She ended up having pancakes for breakfast AND lunch.  Then she made cakes and had all the first goes at stirring and adding ingredients (D was incredible at allowing M to have first goes and allowing her to feel special all day).

After dinner everyone got together to play games: Twister, musical statues, musical bumps & musical chairs.  Grandma gamely joined in and Granddad controlled the music.  J managed to cheat through most of the games, which created a lot of giggling, and then provided chocolate prizes at the end.

M had a very lovely day: she says she is mostly pleased about learning to skate so quickly and becoming a member of the Sylvanian Family Club!


2 thoughts on “M’s 7th Birthday!

  1. Oh, I loved Sylvanians (I have to admit I still do – sadly I don’t have space for my old houses in my tiny flat) and always enjoyed skating! It sounds like M had a lovely birthday and D did a great job of making it special. Your girls seem lovely.


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