Role Reversal

This morning things were a bit weird… M refused to get dressed when she discovered that she had her swimming lesson today.  She was so adamant and it was so out of character that I wasn’t sure how to handle it!  In the end I feigned indifference and she decided she wanted to put on a party outfit.  D on the other hand was very eager to get dressed because she wanted to paint her paper mache cave.  After I had done my jobs she sat down and got on with painting while M swanned around looking sparkly and glamorous.  This is a complete role reversal: usually it’s D who does the dressing up and M who does the work!  It really threw me as D then spent ages mixing her colours to get just the right shade for her cave, which is what M would usually do.

20140212_112746 20140212_113737

M soon realised that being dressed up is actually quite boring!  We had a chat about Darwin after M said she was interested in how horses and humans evolved while looking at our wallbook.  She was intrigued because she’s just bought a monkey Sylvanian Family called the Darwins.  She was then persuaded to get changed and paint her stone age cave too.  Phew.

I didn’t write a post yesterday because half the day was spent in Kingston looking at kettles and DVD players.  I knew there would be a few appliance breakages this year but we’re now onto our 4th! Although I was to blame for one of them.

In the afternoon, D completed a level of Reading Eggs while M did a page from Galore Park maths.  Then we watched figure skating at the Winter Olympics, which M loved.  We’ve done more English and Maths in the David Lloyd café this afternoon and then we went for our swim.  I am pooped!


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