‘Yeeesss!’ Moments

I don’t usually write posts on Sundays but I thought I would get these thoughts down before I forgot.  I hope it will also help to counteract the negativity in my previous post!

I was beginning to despair on Thursday as we had another ‘slow’ day.  D was slightly under the weather, I wasn’t feeling too hot either and M was pleading for a pyjama day.  So we cancelled our HE meet up and didn’t do a lot.

During the day I began to despair of M’s ‘meh’ attitude and worried that she would never find a love of learning.  THEN, at about 6pm, she sat down and made the loveliest picture I’ve seen her draw for a long time.  Yeeesss!


While she was busy I was printing out a poster on several sheets of paper which had lots of stone age information on it.  When I showed it to her she resumed her ‘meh’ attitude until I suggested she could help me put it together.  She even got enthusiastic about the possibility of making a Stonehenge model out of clay.

On Friday morning we went into Wimbledon to buy clay, visit the library and see the new Tinker Bell film.  Unfortunately (or not…) we arrived at the library just as a babies and toddlers sing-a-long was starting in the fiction section so we were FORCED to spend some time amongst the information books.  Horror of horrors.  D was very disappointed and lay down under a chair for the remainder of our stay.  M, on the other hand, kept pulling books off the shelf and looking through them with interest.  She found one on art and pointed out a Klee and a Mondrian painting she recognised.  Yeeesss!

Then she pulled a cookery book out and avidly looked through it.  The sing-a-long eventually stopped and M went off to look for fairy books.  She found one and sat down to read to herself (yeeesss!) while I continued looking.  When I announced it was time to leave she walked and read at the same time because she didn’t want to put the book down.  Yeeesss!  (She developed a hatred for reading stories after having to read boring phonics every day after school, fingers crossed that her love for reading is back…).

On Friday evening, M had a production line of models lined up made with our new clay.  Including an amazing model of Skull Rock (complete with waves lashing up the side) from Peter Pan.  Yeeesss!  I will post a picture when she has painted it.

Her love of learning is in there, I’m sure of it… hidden under a deep layer of ‘meh’…


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