Story Books and Ice Cream

Today we got cracking with a couple of recipes from M’s cookery book she borrowed from the library last week.  She chose to make caramel ice cream and I made a toffee sauce to go with it.  Om nom nom.

20140218_120753 20140218_152243

M is always convinced she hasn’t learnt anything so I tested her over lunch (much to her pleasure, she loves tests): she knows the difference between caster and granulated sugar and why we use caster in cooking; she knows the three components which went into making our ice-cream (custard, caramel and cream); how caramel is made and what ‘dissolve’ means!

After lunch, both the sausages wanted to make a story with photos.  M thought out each scene very thoroughly, while D’s was a bit more haphazard, as you might expect.  These are a couple of the photos from their stories.  Next, they’re going to write or type the narration to go with the photos.

20140218_150444 20140218_150143

This activity really fired their imaginations and their stories went on and on.  I ended up taking control of the camera as there was so much going on.

Then, while I cooked dinner, M sat in the kitchen and typed the beginning of her story.  D spent ages playing with Lego: she can build whole sets and follow the instructions all by herself now.  She’s very proud of herself!

After dinner the girls played Disney’s ‘Where’s My Water’ app which I think is brilliant for logic, strategy and a bit of physics thrown in.  J has yet to be convinced.

The day ended with both girls doing a bit of cross stitch, followed by a disco on the bed.  A great day, just the right pace and everyone happy!



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