Story Time!

The girls finished their stories today.  It has amazed me how popular this unplanned project has been.  I have tried many times before to get M to write stories or books but never with much success.  It seems that getting them to play out the story themselves with me taking the photos really fired their imaginations – I guess it’s a no-brainer compared to sitting and looking at a blank sheet of paper while trying to come up with an imaginative story!

The other aspect that made a difference was that they got to type rather than write the words.  It seemed to make it more exciting somehow!

So here are the two stories.  D’s is gorgeously simple.  M’s is very intricate and if you look closely at the pictures, you’ll see there is more happening in the pictures than the narrator is letting on… very clever story writing!

Tinker Bell and Louis

Katie’s Surprise


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