Led by Sausages

We’ve been busy over the last few days but it has been utterly sausage-led activities (apart from a necessary trip to the post office – cue a little conversation about doing things because you HAVE to, so that you can do things you WANT to, i.e. if we don’t post these passport applications off then you won’t be going to Spain in 6 weeks!).

Oh, and also I tried to wedge a little chat about Darwin into Wednesday’s excitement about M’s Darwin family story.  I opened up Galore Park’s history book and started to read the page about creationism.  I asked the girls what they thought of it:  M asked “why did God rest on the 7th day?”  So I replied, “probably because he was knackered”.  M went into peals of laughter and decided she didn’t believe in God anymore.  D said she was going to believe on alternate days.

I was pleased I’d squeezed that little snippet of creationism in because later that day we got onto a conversation about evolution.  M asked some really intelligent questions about cells and I think I think it pleased her that I didn’t really know the answers, ha!

Thursday we had our regular HE meet up.  The children had set up stalls to sell whatever they fancied.  We had made about 20 fairy cakes for the sausages’ stall.  The girls manned it and dealt with the customers really well – I was impressed.  We sold the cakes for 10p each but somehow managed to make £2.60?!  Somebody was fleeced.  I managed to convince the girls that we should give the money to charity and we had a conversation about who needs the money more than we do.  We’ll probably save it up to do something charitable with when we have a bit more!

Today we made a necessary trip to Wimbledon to post our passport applications off.  Both girls wanted to go to the library afterwards and honestly, I have never known such feverish excitement about the library before: “Mum! Mum! Look at this picture of a FULL MOON!! Mum!! It’s a SOLAR ECLIPSE!!”.  D’s obsession with space is still going strong, as you can see by her book choices:


Meanwhile, M scoured the bookshelves looking for more fairy books…


The rest of the day was spent doing table activities and was again led totally by the sausages.  D really wanted to do some worksheets to put into her folder (she loves her folder) so she did some handwriting practice and some new sums: adding tens.  She really impressed me by how quickly she grasped it.  M spent her time doing some absolutely IMMACULATE colouring in.  Usually I do think colouring in is a bit of a waste of time as there is no creativity involved but occasionally it’s nice to relax into it for a while.

As I said before, we’re off to Spain in a few weeks and D has been begging me to do a lapbook on Spain so I printed one off the other day and the girls got started on it.  As you might imagine, they were pretty zonked by this time though so then I put Jake and the Neverland Pirates DVD on for them while I got on with dinner.  There has been a lot of interest in making paper pirate hats and treasure maps lately – it seems everything is educational!


Little things: I bought a load of BBC Natural History sets from Google Play for an incredible price the other week.  I was watching “Wonders of the Solar System” with D the other morning and Brian Cox said something about the “raw power of the naked sun”.  D thought it was odd to say the sun was naked.  Later I heard her saying to a visitor: “Did you know the sun is NAKED?!”


2 thoughts on “Led by Sausages

  1. Colouring in isn’t totally worthless, it’s fine motor skills and if it’s not colour by numbers it involves thinking about what colours to use and learning about complementary vs. clashing colours etc. As a totally uncreative adult who loves her bumper colouring book I felt the need to leap to its defence! I love the way you let the girls lead what they’re learning about, I bet half the time they don’t even realise they’re learning.


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