Best Friends

We were having a funny argument in the car last Thursday: the sausages were convinced they were ALWAYS best friends and NEVER argued.  Ha!  I tried to convince them otherwise but they ganged up on me and swore I was wrong.  Since then, every time I’ve heard cross voices I’ve called over “you wouldn’t be arguing, would you?”.  Any bickering has stopped immediately and they’d call back “No, we were just pretending!  We’re really best friends!”.  Tee hee.  They kept it up for FOUR DAYS.  Pretty impressive!  But yesterday they caved in and admitted that yes, alright, they do argue.  Well, it was nice while it lasted.

We’ve had a nicely paced few days: the girls have started on a Matisse sticker book (we’ll be going to the Matisse exhibition at the Tate Modern in a few weeks so I thought we’d start some preparation).  Matisse cut-outs are my absolute favourite works of art so this will be an easy project for me to get across to them.  These sticker books are wonderful – you can either create your own masterpiece using Matisse’s shapes, or replicate his artwork.  M chose to replicate and D chose to make her own:

20140225_095912 20140225_095943

D has spent quite a bit of time doing worksheets for her folder.  She’s been concentrating on learning her 2 times table and has been doing lots of colouring in sheets I found on The Lesson Library.  She is pleased as punch to have her folder filling up, however I think she reached burn out yesterday because as much as she wanted to continue she just didn’t have the energy to do it.

I have been meaning to get the girls writing out thank you notes for Christmas and birthday presents for AGES – it’s absolutely shocking that it’s nearly March and we still haven’t done it.  However, since they have become interested in typing, J set them both up with an email account and they eagerly sat down to type out messages to family and friends, hoorah job done!

M has now gone one step further and wants to be able to type as fast as me so I asked on one of the many Facebook groups I’m a member of if anyone knew of a good touch typing programme and someone replied with a link to this.  M spent 2 hours on it yesterday and has mastered the middle row of keys.

Yesterday we made a delicious chocolate cake, with M being the chef (Yes Chef!) as the recipe was from her library book.


We’ve done loads of activity books and magazines…


We’ve watched films, CBeebies, played Where’s My Water and lots and lots of Lego and imagination too…

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