A Good Day

Today has been a good day.  Phew.  Totally sausage-led but the learning was so OBVIOUS I would have been a fool to force either of them to do what I wanted instead.

The day’s learning started at 8am with D wanting to work on her space lapbook.  We started this yesterday and D was literally jumping up and down on the spot with excitement when I told her about it.  So far, she has illustrated the phases of the moon, researched and written about the far side of the moon, drawn the planets in order from the Sun outwards, found out which planets are solid and which are gas and how many moons each planet has.  This lapbook is going to be huge!  This morning she started on a night sky observations mini book.  D drew and listed that she had seen Orion, Jupiter and Sirius last night.

20140228_085034 20140227_120129

Meanwhile, M wanted to continue with her Spain lapbook so I got her finding out how to write and pronounce simple greetings in Spanish.  She was very sweetly speaking SLOWLY AND CLEARLY into my phone and getting spoken responses back from Google – amazing technology!

The girls had a bit of a play on the Lego app after breakfast and then we got dressed and they played with Baby Annabell together.  While this was going on I did some research on good android STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) apps.  I found some amazing ones – D was busy repairing cars in ‘My Little Work Garage’ while M was adding cogs, pumps, elastic bands, weights and all sorts to make new machines in ‘Pettson’s Inventions.

We also had some interesting chats and questions: we watched this YouTube clip and talked about how your hearing gets worse as you age; we discussed why birds can fly and humans can’t; and why people didn’t live as long in the old days.  All these discussions stemmed from the girls’ questions!  And they were PROPER discussions rather than me spouting my ‘wisdom’: they both had ideas of their own to contribute.

I did get them to (happily) complete a sheet in their workbooks at David Lloyd before we went for a swim.  M did some subtraction sums (without any angry tears, yay!) and D did some reading and writing.

D is now able to swim 1/4 of a length unaided so I feel it’s now safe enough for me to leave her alone while I have a proper swim.  I managed two lengths today before my muscles started to buzz and I thought I’d better get back to D – the lifeguard always looks half asleep, I wouldn’t trust him to notice D was in danger!

It feels like we’ve done a week’s work in a day today: M was almost incapable of doing anything once we were back from swimming because she was so tired.  My new book for D arrived today so we read that in the hour before bed.  It’s an ENORMOUS book called ‘Children’s Atlas of the Universe’ and was recommended to me by a friend.  D adores it and there is so much information in it I feel like I need to set aside a day to get to grips with it!

Lastly, here’s a picture of some tissue paper stars we made at our Stoneleigh meet up yesterday, aren’t they great?



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