Playing in Nottingham

We arrived at my parents house on Sunday!  We’ve been doing various bits and bobs since then: Grandma kindly bought a couple of books for me (and the girls)…


And Granddad has had many a happy hour on Ebay buying a Spanish guitar for £1 (£1?!!!!!!)  and a Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel with furniture for £50 which was also a bargain.


They have also got an old game of Downfall (remember that?) from a relative.  I also bought up a couple of new games thinking that they’d help to keep the girls busy but I don’t think I need have bothered!


So the girls have been quietly busy: M arranging the furniture in the Sylvanian Family Hotel, D watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates and eagerly working on her space lapbook:


She was VERY excited to see the constellations looking north out of the bathroom window the other night – for some reason we can’t seem to see many stars looking north in our house.  So she saw the Big Dipper, Polaris and Gemini last night – you wouldn’t believe the excitement it caused.  She was pouring over her Atlas of the Universe book the next day.

Both girls asked to do a table activity yesterday morning: M chose handwriting exercises and D chose a Biff Chip and Kipper activity book:

20140304_095026 20140304_095033

And then we had a trip to the park in the cold sunshine:

20140304_103844 20140304_104045

The rest of the day was spent playing with their new toys, playing on the computer, playing with their cousin, M, and eating pancakes!


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