Moons and Newspaper Toys

I started my OU Future Learn course on Moons today!  I managed to get a solid hour in before the girls’ distractions (tablet and TV) wore off.  It’s a fascinating course but I can feel my old ‘school’ feelings rising to the suface: panic that I won’t be able to do it, and irritation with people who are smarter than me, haha.  Thanks to D, I know a fair bit about moons already but I’m loving the chance to learn more.

We’ve had a nicely paced, happy couple of days: yesterday we spent 3 hours in Wimbledon, buying holiday clothes, sandals and a trip to the library.  I think we could actually spend hours in there and not get bored.  M scours the shelves looking for books to read and D asks me to read armfuls of space books.  I found a kitchen science book that explains how to build with ‘bricks and mortar’ using sugar cubes and an egg white mixture.  M looked so thrilled with the idea she gave me a big hug! I think I might have found another of M’s passions: construction!

In the afternoon, m carried on creating spin art on our Snap Circuits toy.  M also made some cheese straws but she didn’t like them which means I’ll be forced to eat them up.  I made a geodesic dome for D and she has been watching telly in it ever since.  Then D did some more writing for her space lapbook while I made thaumatrope toys for them both.  I was explaining persistence of vision to M and wanted to show how eyes can play tricks on the brain: she was genuinely interested… for about a minute…

20140318_144710 20140319_093212 20140319_095541 20140318_160154

I’ve left the toys on our new bookcase in the lounge so they can pick it up again if they want to.

At the crack of dawn this morning they both decided they wanted to make a rocket!  Well, it was 8am but it felt very early for such activities.  The boosters have been painted and the shuttle covered in foil but we’re awaiting the delivery of a glue gun to finish the project off.  A glue gun!  All I need now is a laminator and I will feel like an official home educator.


Then they both got into pirate mode again and made treasure maps, spy glasses and paper hats.  We’re getting through A LOT of newspaper lately.  Just before it was time to go swimming they both got absorbed in drawing pictures for each other.  Sometimes it really feels like a shame to go out when there’s so much to do indoors.  I know M already feels like there are not enough hours in the day to do all the activities she wants to do!

20140319_124506 20140319_142910

As for me, I’ve got a list as long as my arm of jobs I need to get done before our holiday in 2 weeks so I’m going to sign off and get back to my moon studies!


3 thoughts on “Moons and Newspaper Toys

  1. Thanks for the reminder – I need to catch up on this week in my Future Learn course on Islam! Isn’t it a great way to learn about things? Your girls create more in one day than I create in a year, it’s wonderful.


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