Playdough, Lights and Cake

I thought I would do a quick post about our activities today as Aunty S is coming to stay this week so I may not have time to do another post.  We’re so excited!

We started the day by watching Disney’s Little Mermaid which I haven’t seen since I was about 16!  Then we made chocolate brownies in honour of Aunty S (she is always grateful for cake, is Aunty S).


Afterwards I spent AGES making a little LED light for M, using instructions from An Ordinary Life.  That is no reflection on Lisa’s instructions, it is just the first time I’ve made something like this before.  I couldn’t believe it actually worked!!!  I was so proud of myself and rushed into the kitchen to show the girls (who were engrossed in playing with gloop) and got a very low-key ‘yeah, whatever’ response.  Ho hum.


After lunch we FINALLY got around to making some playdough which M has wanted to make for months.  D wasn’t interested so went off to watch telly instead.  M sat at the table for hours making each colour of the rainbow just right – she is very good at persevering!

20140325_144707 20140325_152935

When she was done I showed her how to attach an LED to the playdough which she played with for about 30 seconds before getting back to what she really wanted to do – very intricate, colourful models.


20140325_154303 20140325_164316

M then watched Brave while D typed an email out to her cousins and then played on NASA Kids Club for a while before joining M for the end of the film.

All in all a very pleasant and relaxed day!  Now on with my Moons OU course…

Little things:

J was looking at me like I’d gone barmy when I enlightened him about strewing this morning.  Little did he know that he was inadvertently strewing when he left the calculator out on the table this morning.  Both girls independently sat down to play with it and figure out a few sums!  Ha!

A deep and meaningful conversation with D in bed this evening: Me: “Oh, it always feels such a shame to go to bed when there’s so much more to do”.  D: “Yes, sometimes it feels like it’s the end of the world”. Me, feeling a bit overcome by this statement: “Oh no, don’t say that, how awful!”.  D, obviously less overcome: “Sometimes I can make my bogeys pop”.


2 thoughts on “Playdough, Lights and Cake

    1. Ah, what a lovely comment – amazingly (or not) I’ve only just started to have that feeling with them now that we HE: they’re so happy and joyful rather than tired and grumpy so they’re a real pleasure to be around! I feel very priveleged to be able to give them this lifestyle.


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