Prisms and Maths

Since we’re off to Spain in a couple of days, I thought I would post a little of what’s been happening today as I won’t have time to post for a while.

The day started with me doing two hours of cleaning, tidying, sorting and admin.  I seem to have managed to leave just about everything to the last minute, which is unlike me: I just find my head is so full of HE (and moons!) there isn’t room for much else!

While I was busy the girls were absorbed in their own activities upstairs, although they appeared the minute I sat down with a cup of coffee to tell me they were bored.  I managed to persuade them to get dressed and then they both ran outside to play in the garden and do a bit of weeding.

A new toy arrived for them today – a glass prism!  They were fascinated by it as I thought they would be, knowing their love of rainbows.  After playing with it for a while they then adapted it to their own requirements by watching telly through it…

20140402_125958 20140402_130014

After lunch it was time for David Lloyd.  As usual we did our workbooks in the café before going to the pool and the girls both reached new levels in their understanding of numbers today!  D has started learning about ‘difference’ and how it’s another way to think about subtraction.  I’m not sure she’s fully there but she certainly got stuck into the activity.  M continued with her MEP maths, which I LOVE!!!  She had a small strop over a few sums (because they were the wrong way around) and then quickly calmed down when I explained that they wanted her to play with the numbers.  After that she adapted a more than/less than sum and beamed when I complimented her on playing with it!  I really want to get her love of numbers back as it was before school and I hope that if she can play around with her maths exercises (scribble on them; colour them in; make patterns out of them etc.) then it might happen.  This is an example of what she’s been working on:


I didn’t mention in my last post that I came across M working out sums with missing parts using an app on my tablet.  This is something she’s been struggling with recently and she was totally nonchalant about her new skill when I complimented her on it.  I feel like we’re finally getting somewhere!  Yay!

Little things: Me: “D, I learnt something new today: I learnt that an asteroid can have moons!!!” D: “I already knew that”.


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