Back from Spain and on With the Show!

Hi all!  We’re back from our wonderful holiday in Spain.  Lots of sun, relaxing, coffee and food!

20140407_193527 20140410_185755

And now it’s on with the show…

While we were away we had our hallway and landing replastered and although it looks fantastic the mess from the plaster dust was on EVERYTHING in the house. So the last few days have been spent dusting, vacuuming and mopping.  The sausages were very sweetly chuffed at being able to help us clean.

This week has been about planning D’s birthday party on Thursday and preparing for my sister’s arrival with her 3 children.  So yesterday we went to Tesco’s for the obligatory piñata, balloons and party tableware.  I also picked up some great activity books for D:


And we planted our vegetable and flower seeds.  Today however was a pyjama day (and my birthday!!) and the girls did a few activities but they mainly mooched.  They both played a little with puzzle cubes..


D did some work on her never-ending space lapbook while M did some flower shadow-drawing…


There was lots of playing in the garden and then they watched Peter Pan and Return to Never Land, followed by A Series of Unfortunate Events.

D continues to devour anything science related and usually asks for a science book rather than fiction at bedtime.  Tonight’s first book was all about digestion and the second was about wool making.  She is also very excited to be seeing Mars in the sky at night now rather than Jupiter (whom we were all getting a little bored of).

M is busy making lots of puppets for her Three Little Pigs show.  She’s going to write the script next!  As part of this project, at 7.30 this evening she asked me how to draw a cuboid so that she could draw bricks.  I gave her a quick lesson which she was thrilled about and she picked it up quite quickly.

Recently, we’ve been listening to the audio book of Roald Dahl’s Matilda in the car and M asked if she could read the book.  I did borrow it from the library but had to return it before we got a chance to read it so I thought I would buy her one instead.  Then I found this set – 15 books for £16!!


So our Harry Potter re-read was quickly dumped for Matilda this evening.  I’m so pleased she’s asked to read it as Roald Dahl was my favourite when I was a girl so it is such a pleasure for me to share her enjoyment.

There was a dratted moth in our bedroom this evening but it led to an interesting discussion on the ‘point’ of animals and insects so we started talking about food chains and how we’re all reliant on each other.  Hurrah for moths!  And it reminded me that I had a great idea for a game about food chains which I never set up so I’ll aim to start it tomorrow before our guests arrive!

It was such a slow day today that I managed to fit in some of my own learning and got up to date with my moons course.  I was starting to feel a little panicky this morning: thinking about everything that had to be done as my kitchen science OU course starts this week too but having got last week’s learning done and also a bit of vacuuming, I’m feeling a bit more in control… ha!


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