Catching Up With What We’ve Been Doing

Well, after Spain, 3 lots of visitors, Easter, my birthday and D’s birthday, it’s now back to just us.  The girls have settled back into their old equilibrium of being best friends with the occasional fall-out and I’m back to my OU courses, planning activities and day to day stuff.

We’ve done a few activities in and around our visitors:

We started our food chain picture on the kitchen window, which nicely doubles up as a sun-blind…


The girls did some gardening with their Grandma…


And me & D did an enormous Jigsaw…


We’re off to the Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition at the Tate next week so I gave the girls some shapes from Matisse’s Icarus picture to see what they made of them – they both came up with Rudolph!

20140422_150450 20140422_180313

The Original…


Yesterday the girls dressed up as Tinkerbell and a pirate and we went out and about on their scooter and rollerblades, much to the delight of an elderly neighbour of ours!  We had a little chat with her and she confided that she is struggling to look after herself, her house and her dying husband :(.  Of course we offered our help and she said she would let us know if she needed anything.  Of course, I fully expect that she won’t.  M is desperate to do something kind for her so I will have to get my thinking cap on.


Today we had a trip to Wimbledon Common to go on a scavenger hunt.  We had to find something yellow; bendy; a leaf nibbled by a caterpillar; something lucky; delicate; and weightless.  D wasn’t too keen to go but as soon as we were out of the car she was like a dog let off a leash!

20140425_105958 20140425_111422 20140425_113631

This weekend they’ll be back to judo and I’m back to decorating!

Just a final picture of 5 year old D at her party 🙂



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