Two Contrasting Days

Never were two days so different – both in activity levels and our mindset.

Yesterday was a very slow day where the girls appeared to be happy playing one minute then claiming they were bored the next.  They didn’t seem to be able to apply themselves to anything so in the end it turned into a movie day – I think 4 movies were watched in total – while I worked in the next room sorting out admin and stuff.

I did get them to try two balloon games that I had seen on this site.  They were popular but over so quickly I didn’t have time to get any photos – sorry!

The day ended in sobbing for M :(.  She got very upset after reading her bedtime story and didn’t want me to leave her alone.  Her comments about not learning anything in home school are continuing and I was teasing her about it (and admittedly being  a bit sarcastic, because to be honest it is starting to p me off).  I apologised and explained that I’m finding these comments very difficult to listen to!  I wondered aloud if she is actually enjoying home school because she didn’t seem to be open to learning as if she was blocked somehow.  This produced quite a lot of sobbing so I think I must have touched a nerve but she was unable to explain any further :(.  Then I read The Great Big Book of Feelings and it seemed to calm her down quite a lot.  I ended up going to bed with her it was so late by then!

Today was a totally different story – I don’t know if she absorbed some of what we talked about, if it was just a coincidence, or whether she just enjoyed the day but she was so ENGAGED and ENTHUSIASTIC it was brilliant!

I booked tickets for us to see the Matisse Cut Outs exhibition at Tate Modern months ago.  Unfortunately London Underground chose to strike today but J convinced me to go anyway – I was all for giving up!  As it happened, we had a lovely quiet journey there and back as some trains were still running and I guess a lot of Londoners had chosen to stay at home.

If you read my post when we last went to Tate Modern you might wonder why we would try there again after such a boring experience!  But I had booked the Matisse exhibition before going to the Klee one so we already had the tickets.  I’m so glad we tried again!  The feeling of the Matisse exhibition was so much more vibrant: there were a few children; people were actually TALKING (woah!); and the pictures were big enough, low enough and colourful enough for the girls to appreciate.  Hurrah!

Of the two sausages, M was the most interested but this may be because D was quite tired by then.  M was running through the rooms trying to find the largest exhibit (some were ENORMOUS) and trying to guess what the artwork was about; looking at the colours; exclaiming with excitement when she recognised a picture from her Matisse sticker book.  Matisse cut outs are my all time favourite works of art and I’m so pleased that the girls enjoyed it, and that they gave me time to enjoy it too.  I could go again though just to drink them all in!

We ended with a well deserved hot chocolate and cookie and the girls got down to some art of their own in the gallery’s café:

This afternoon the girls helped me to clean and tidy the lounge.  M wanted me to put my feet up on the sofa and tell her what to do; D wanted me to be the wicked stepmother and give her orders as if she was Cinderella.  What a great game!  What a great day 🙂


2 thoughts on “Two Contrasting Days

  1. that sounds a lot like our homeschool we have days when we seem to do not much but play and other days when we seem to do lots. I have been avoiding the Tate but maybye now I will give it a go.


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