Melting Ice and Colour

I took our latest Aquila magazine to the swimming pool on Wednesday to keep me entertained while the girls swam (no swimming for me, I had been to the chiropractor that morning so had to take it easy!).  As much as I love reading that magazine, I can’t help but feel rather dim after reading it – there is so much I don’t know, even in a kids magazine!

This issue was all about the science of colour – I love colour and the girls do too so it was nice to find they were really interested to hear what I had learnt (!) while they were swimming.  We had a really lovely discussion in the car on the way home about why some people think black isn’t really a colour.  M asked some great questions and coped really well with listening and absorbing the answers – hooray!

Today we stayed in as it was pouring outside.  The girls had a pyjama day but as usual this had no impact on the level of activities!  Actually it was a slow start for M as she didn’t appear until 9.30am!!!  By which time, D had watched Disney’s Robin Hood (her latest favourite) and done a mountain of Lego.

Once the girls had breakfasted we got going on making Bolognese together – the girls helped me to prepare all the veg for it and then I made the rest while they ran off to have a game of fairies upstairs.


Once the fairy game had finished, D asked to watch Robin Hood again!  So I put it on for her and M & I went upstairs to sit in bed and read the last few chapters of Matilda.  M really wants to get started on Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire again (we tried previously but it became to difficult for her to understand).  We could almost do with an abridged version as she loves the story but I have to explain so much of the vocabulary that sometimes the story lacks flow.

We had lunch and D asked to watch Robin Hood (again!) but I persuaded her to stay in the kitchen while I set them both up with a new activity.  I’ve recently bought some pipettes and thought the girls would love to use them in an experiment and I was right!  I had pre-frozen water in various sized containers cut from the bottom of milk cartons which I then put into dishes and gave the girls some salt to sprinkle on them (they loved this from the get-go, asking for more and more and more salt!


We oohed and aahed at the cracking and popping noises the ice started to make, and the little rivers running down the side of the blocks.  I didn’t mention any science during this experiment, I thought I would just let them explore, which they did and they had lots of great guesses as to why the salt was causing the ice to melt!

Then I gave them little dishes of coloured water to squeeze onto the ice blocks using their pipettes.  This had the purpose of highlighting where the ice had melted but the girls weren’t interested in that, they were so absorbed in squeezing their pipettes, making patterns, mixing colours etc, it was wonderful to see such a hive of activity!

20140501_124907 20140501_130736 20140501_130815

M played with the ice for about 4 hours in total!!!  Her hands were frozen by the end so she had a warm up with me on the sofa and we read Harry Potter.

Cinders also did a cracking job on the kitchen floor.



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