Our Bank Holiday

I would have posted yesterday but I fell asleep while putting D to bed!  Not sure what happened there and poor old M missed out on her quality time as I only just woke up in time to put her to bed.  She took it well and forgave me.

We had a nice quiet bank holiday weekend, with Jeff and I taking it in turns to decorate while playing with the girls.  I am more of a lets find an activity/craft to do, whereas J is a ‘run around in the garden/fight on the bed and make a den’ sort of parent.  Needless to say he was exhausted by Monday evening, tee hee.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of J’s antics as I was too busy decorating to take any so here’s a few of my activities with the girls:


Bunny shows


Paper plate weaving
Story writing

Needless to say, bank holidays don’t make a lot of difference to us these days!  The only bonus is that Jeff is around more.  In the past, a May bank holiday would have meant a trip to the seaside but as we’re now able to go when everyone else is in school/work it makes sense to avoid the crowds and stay at home!


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