Paper Aeroplanes and Red Cabbages

We’ve had a good couple of days, I feel like something is starting to shift in our home education: I’ve had two instances in two days where I have been able to explain/answer a question which have been listened to without any flops; the girls have finished their Spain lapbooks and are now EAGER to start one on Africa; D has finished her maths workbook and will now be starting on MEP maths with M; and today, both girls wanted to do more work in their workbooks than I had intended them to do (the result of not forcing them to do it?).

Yesterday the day started well, I got my The Kid Should See This email and showed M the Strike Eagle paper aeroplane video which she immediately got started on with J’s help.  It flies fairly well but I think we need to try it out in a big open space.  I forgot to mention we saw another video last week which showed how humans are unable to walk in a straight line when blind folded or their vision is obscured by fog for example.  M wants to try it out when we next go to the Common!

I had a little science experiment planned which I read about here.  If any learning can be done around art then I’m all for it and the girls love it too.  So this experiment was about testing the acidity of various household items such as coffee, lemon juice, water etc.  by painting them onto blotting paper which had been soaked in red cabbage water.  The colours didn’t come out as well as they should but the girls got the general idea and enjoyed creating the pictures and painting with strange things!

20140506_150105 20140506_150053 20140506_150039

In the afternoon, M wanted to do the salt and ice experiment again so that kept her busy for well over an hour.


Meanwhile, D was busy building Lego.  I would hazard a guess that she spends around 2 hours a day building with Lego these days.  She’s very methodical about it, following the instructions page by page and building each thing exactly.  Then the next day she breaks It and starts all over again!

We also had a break through with M’s eating: she doesn’t like many vegetables and hates all fruit except lemons but yesterday she ate 2 strawberries!  I had the genius idea of buying squirty cream to dip them into.  Don’t know why I didn’t think of that before.  I also tried offering them dipped in chocolate and in icing sugar too but D didn’t like any of the strawberry options offered.

Yesterday the girls were saying that they would like to do a lapbook on Africa.  M asked what language they speak and I replied that there were lots of different languages which led on to us watching a YouTube video on the San Bushmen who communicate by clicking their tongues.

Today, Wednesday, is always a bit of a strange day as we’re out at David Lloyd in the afternoon and we all seem incapable of doing anything but mooching in the morning.  But  a lot of maths was done in the café before swimming so that more than made up for our lack of productivity beforehand.


When we got home, M and I made Gwyneth Paltrow’s Horchata together which was delicious!  Reading this post, it seems as if we’ve done quite a lot but actually it’s felt quite slow-paced?!


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