LEA Visit

The majority of yesterday was spent with me preparing for today’s LEA visit.  Last time we had a visit I forgot loads of things I wanted to say so this time I trawled through my blog posts from the last 6 months and made a list of every activity we’ve done and then tried to categorise it into school-type subjects.  I had a list 4 pages long in the end!

I have to say I was DREADING today’s visit because I hadn’t met the EOTAS (Education Other Than At School) Adviser before and I hoped that he wasn’t going to be anti-HE as a lot of LEAs are.  Thank goodness, he seemed to be supportive of it and began by saying what a lot of interesting families he’d met so far.  He did have reservations about us continuing HE into secondary level but other than that he was positive.

Both girls enjoyed the experience as they got to show off – it’s lovely to see that they are so proud of themselves.  M loved reading to him, which is funny because she hates reading to me.  She even asked if he could come again!  D shoved J’s shoes in his face remarking on how stinky they are and talked nine to the dozen about space, Robin Hood and Neverland.

I felt like I needed a stiff drink when he’d gone – I was more nervous than I’d realised.  The girls were bouncing off the walls with excitement so I suggested we went to our local soft play and they were very keen!  So I got to sit and have a cuppa while they threw themselves around the place for 2 hours.

Caged sausages
Caged sausages

When we got back the excitement continued with games in the garden, making a den in the lounge and attacking me with bum pinches and camel bites.

I forgot to add to my previous post that M made up a recipe from scratch and they turned out rather well!  M has called them Cookie Cakes.


Oh, and we also fitted in a ‘what dissolves in water’ science experiment this morning, which the girls really enjoyed!

20140509_083220 20140509_091158



2 thoughts on “LEA Visit

  1. So glad to hear someone else has had a positive experience with the LEA. Both visits I have had have been good, they also seem a bit unsure about 2nd school but will cross that bridge when we get there. Love the look of the soft play area, will inbox you to find out where it is.


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