A Rude Teacher, A Burst Tyre and A Big Pot of Nutella

A week or so ago one of our neighbours friends was very rude to J when she discovered that we were home educating the girls.  The usual socialisation question came up but in a highly defensive and rude manner.  And guess what, she was a teacher.  Quelle surprise!  J was and is still vexed about her attitude and has since thought of a thousand retorts he could have said to her.

On hearing our discussion about this, M was puzzled as to why anyone would be rude about home education.  I tried my best to explain this strange behaviour, having so far shielded her from any negativity we have come across, but M was utterly perplexed by it.  Isn’t it strange trying to explain these bizarre behaviours of human beings?!  I had a similar conversation with the girls yesterday about how women have been subjugated by men throughout history.  The girls were incredulous!  It’s so strange explaining these things to them that make NO sense whatsoever!

Anyhoo, back to today.  I was excited to receive my new Google Chromecast this morning!  I set it up immediately after breakfast and put on the girls’ current favourite YouTube video: Eyebombing in Madrid.  Then I put on one of the David Attenborough TV shows on Africa (I bought the series for a steal on Google Play a few months ago) and we learnt all about the Savannah.  It was lovely to watch although M and I got upset when the baby elephant died.

We were supposed to be doing our first pottery class today but on the way there I misjudged an inset part of the road and punctured a tyre on the pavement!  I called the AA who were AMAZING and he even went off to Kwik Fit to get me a replacement tyre as our car doesn’t carry a spare.  The girls meanwhile, were disappointed to be missing pottery but soon started a game scootering up and down the pavement and playing ‘postman’.  In fact, they were having such a good time there were disappointed cries of ‘oh no!’ when the new tyre had been fitted and it was time to go home!  So much so that on our next free day we’re going to stick a pin in a map and go and hang around there for a while :).

20140512_145205 20140512_153410 20140512_153650

As for the first day of our new food approach – it was sooo interesting!  For breakfast they both ate two slices of toast with Nutella (that they ate two slices is incredible since this is homemade wholemeal bread and pretty heavy-duty stuff!).  I didn’t manage to get food out on the table for casual picking as I was so busy this morning but I did a buffet style lunch, offering their usual food plus food they would consider to be a treat, and it was so interesting to watch their reactions: they both started to pull all the food they love towards them, as if to hoard it, and then both requested Nutella on toast again.  M remarked “oh, there isn’t anything healthy on here for me”, which is funny because it was all her usual food!  She was in 7th heaven with the choices and puzzling over what was going on.  I explained that J and I are trying a new approach to food and she admitted she’d heard us discussing it yesterday.  So I explained that they are now in control of their food, just like their learning.  M was positively beaming: I don’t think I’ve EVER seen her that excited about mealtimes before.

An awful lot of Nutella and custard was consumed today, but overall I am feeling positive about how the day went: they didn’t over-eat and D for one chose to eat mackerel even with all the other choices on the table.  We’re out for the day tomorrow and you’ll never guess what they’ve requested on their sandwiches…


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