Why is the Sky Blue?

This was the question D asked at 7am yesterday morning!  Luckily, we had our latest Aquila magazine on hand to answer the question.  This pointed us in the direction of this link here.  Where Brian Cox explains the answer in 6 minutes – wonderful!  Definitely worth a watch.

We tried to replicate the experiment and managed to make a lovely sunset but couldn’t get the blue sky working at all.  Ah well, D then wanted to play with the torch and we began making shadow shows from behind the closed curtains, inspired by this video here.

We were quite hungry by this point so we had some breakfast.  While eating porridge, D started saying the beginnings of the 3 times table!  She got a bit stuck at 4 x 3 so I got some chick peas to help her out.  Honestly, that girl is the most unschooled of the lot of us.  I love the way she sees no difference in playing with Lego to ‘playing’ with her times tables.


Then she wanted to put the chick peas into odd-numbered groups.


And this was all before 9am!  M appeared downstairs at that point so we decided to make our own chocolate mousse.  While we were waiting for it to set the sausages had a play in the sunshine.


The chocolate mousse wasn’t much to write home about but I was impressed that it had one raw egg per serving so it was pretty good nutritionally!

The girls’ eating habits are really not too bad at all.  Nutella is still eaten a lot of the time but there are quite a few other bits and bobs being eaten too.  Yesterday I decided to do a chicken roast dinner but to serve it buffet-style rather than loading their plates up beforehand.  D ended up eating TONS of everything – broccoli, roast potatoes, chicken and yorkshire puddings whereas M ate two yorkshire puddings and said she was full.  I find it fascinating how erratic their appetites are throughout the day – so far I haven’t spotted any pattern to it.

As we were in Wimbledon this morning, we had a look around M&S to see if they fancied choosing anything for themselves – D was more interested in pretending to be a puppy but M chose a couple of veggies.

When we got home D asked for more of yesterday’s chicken while M had a sausage and tried a spring onion.  She ate most of it with some Pizza Express dressing and then said she didn’t like it!

A couple of interesting observations – I am eating more since starting the buffet-style dinners, and I’m eating more variety, and eating more puddings!; Also, I think I must have had quite tight control on the cupboards before as now the girls can see what food is available to eat, they’re definitely eating more and my cupboards are emptying faster! So, unschooling diet = bigger food bill = bigger waistline (mine) = happier children.  All good… 🙂

We’ve had a MASSIVE shift in deschooling this week for M!  She is now reading to herself for 1-2 hours every evening after I’ve said goodnight to her at 9pm!  I am SO pleased because it’s taken her a year to want to read (to herself – I read to her everyday) since leaving school!!!  If both the sausages become enthusiastic readers I will be one happy Mum.

Just a last note to say we had a great time at the Science Museum with friends on Tuesday.  We were there for quite a few hours and only managed to see a small amount – we all want to go back soon!

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Little things: I’ve been reading Where Did I Come From? to D recently and I forgot to add in my post about the LEA visit that D was loudly telling the man how she was born: “And I came out of my Mummy’s…” and there was a long pause while she thought and I was silently WILLING her NOT to say ‘vagina’ but thankfully she said “…tummy, head first!”.  PHEW.











2 thoughts on “Why is the Sky Blue?

  1. Hahaha I’m in favour of kids knowing the correct scientific terms but I can imagine it would have been embarrassing to have your vagina discussed with a stranger! At least it would have shown that the girls are learning biology 😉


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