Flowers and Exploring

Last week I wrote about how I burst a tyre on the way to our pottery class (here) and that M and D had played lovely games on the street while we waited for the AA man to replace the tyre.  M enjoyed it so much she said she wanted to explore somewhere new and random again to – she even gave this idea a name: “Going to The World”.

Yesterday we had a free day so M put a pin in a map (not literally, she actually used Google Earth as she’s a modern sausage) and chose to go to… Croydon..?  Jeez.  Of all the places.  Anyway, we all trotted off to the tram stop and the girls had a happy journey looking out the window and enjoying the ride.

20140520_111118 20140520_111125

Croydon was pretty much as I expected, very grey, dull and run down.  The girls were happy scootering around but they were a bit limited by the crowds and busy roads.

M then said she wanted to go to a park so we hopped on a tram again and got off at Wandle Park.  This is a lovely little place that I’ve never been to before.  But it all started to go a bit wrong at this point: D grazed her chin while bunny-hopping over some logs and they both scraped their backs flying off the end of the slidey-est slide I’ve ever seen.  It all ended in tears so we decided to go home.


Back at base we had a very quiet afternoon – D was so tired she kept trying to go to bed but kept getting distracted by books and telly, and I installed Pocket Minecraft on my tablet for M (I overheard a boy at pottery talking about all these stone age things he’d learnt on there so I thought we could give it a go).

Just a note about what we got up to before pottery on Monday – it was so ridiculously hot by 10am that I encouraged the girls to come inside.  I remembered that we have a flower press full of flowers from last summer so M and I opened it up – it was like a treasure trove!


M made a lovely picture with her flowers and then picked some gorgeous peony petals to press,

20140519_113304 20140519_103836

M is also trying to make friends with every ant she meets!



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