M is hooked!  And unfortunately so am I…

I’ve been hearing the benefits of Minecraft for a while now but I wasn’t totally convinced until I overheard an HE boy chatting about how you make tools and bronze and lots of other things.  I assumed he’d been working on a pre-historic project at home his knowledge was so indepth.  I tried to get the girls interested in the stone age but to no avail so I was listening intently to this little boy.  Turns out, he had learnt it all from Minecraft :).

Since we’ve been unschooling I’ve learnt not to place some learning resources above others (learning from the telly is just as valid as learning from a book, for example) so I figured Minecraft might be an interesting way forward.

Since I don’t have a very powerful laptop, I installed the Minecraft Pocket Edition onto my tablet and let M loose on it – she loves it!  She isn’t confident enough with computers to click around and figure things out by herself so I’ve been trying to figure it out alongside her which has been alternately infuriating and engrossing!

We also did some baking yesterday and made a delicious Malteser Fridge Cake, which we ate for coffee time.  The girls haven’t eaten Nutella for 2 whole days now!!  They both got very excited about boiled eggs at lunch yesterday (?!) and were intrigued by the different colour shells and yokes.  I have even moved all the chocolates and sweets from their hidden, inaccessible places to a shelf they can reach and NOTHING has been touched!!  I think the chocolate spell may have been broken after 1 week of food ‘unschooling’?!  Could it really be true?!

This is what D requested for her dinner last night :).  M had custard for dinner but she had chopped hazelnuts with it so really not too bad at all.


A few other things before I go, I gave the girls a little game to play while I ate my breakfast yesterday – how many drops of water can you get onto a penny:


D also had her swimming class and we all went for a swim together too – I didn’t last as long as the girls though and had to get out after half an hour because I was so cold.  Luckily I can sit on the side in a towel and get on with some work – the girls would stay there all day if they could! We also did our workbooks beforehand.  M is still happily enjoying MEP and D is working her way through some Biff Chip and Kipper activity books.  She’s also asking to do Reading Eggs again – hurrah!

20140521_151050 20140521_151105



4 thoughts on “Minecraft

  1. I was skeptical about Minecraft until my nephews convinced me to try it, and then I was floored by how creative it is. I began playing mainly as a way of connecting with my nephews but then started to play it on my own as well. I raised wheat and pumpkins, made paper and books, went exploring.


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