Toys from Days of Yore

Or not quite.  On Wednesday we went to a family event at Wandsworth library (put on by Wandsworth Museum) about toys from the past.  It was great!  Thought isn’t it shocking when you see toys from your own childhood in a museum..?!

M was dreading it would be a ‘look at things in glass cases’ event but it was all very hands-on.  The girls started by making a kite out of one sheet of paper – I’ve never seen such a design and will be very interested to see if it works on the next windy day.

20140528_143733 20140528_143740

They also made puppets.

20140528_154250 20140528_154302

Then we had a play with lots of old fashioned toys (even some sheep knuckles that they would have used in Roman times).  D liked the acrobat and M loved playing Nine Men’s Morris which she has since made and played at home.

20140528_151151 20140528_151730

We had a great time and I’m so glad we made the effort to come out of half-term hiding. 😉



2 thoughts on “Toys from Days of Yore

  1. that’s the kind of museum visit I like. Please tell me they didn’t really have toys from our childhood down as toys from the past though? Surely, the past means hoops and sticks from the Victorian era?


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