Fun with the Grandparents

The last few days have been rather busy (what’s new?) and a bit different because my parents are staying here for 5 days to look after the sausages while I get on with the decorating.

Recently the girls requested to start a project on Africa and so far we have watched some of the BBC’s Africa series, watched a YouTube video on the San Bushmen tribe who click their tongues to communicate and started on a lapbook from Currclick.

When my parents arrived on Thursday, the girls wanted to work on their lapbook so Grandma got them looking at a lovely big book of Maps that she had bought for the sausages previously.  While I was up a ladder they came running upstairs to show me words they had written in Arabic, where the Nile was and what the capital of Egypt was!

They also made a Malteser fridge cake together, which has been appreciated by all of us!

On Friday they all went to Wimbledon for an obligatory trip to the coffee shop, leaving me at home to get on with the painting.  The afternoon was spent relaxed and playing… and arguing over a stick (don’t ask).

D has been playing with her Arithmasticks and sat down at 7am on Saturday morning to write out her zero times table in her new exercise book (I am always amazed by the times of day they choose to learn).


Grandma also bought D a new space book!


M has made her own board for Nine Men’s Morris and has been getting better and better at learning the strategy of the game.


I continued to paint on Saturday and this time Grandma was able to help me while J took the girls out in the morning.  They were both desperate to paint when they got back though so after lunch they got their painting gear on and helped Grandma paint a door.  It wasn’t long before D lost interest and began painting herself, M however painted for quite a few hours and was singing along to the music like a true decorator!


4 thoughts on “Fun with the Grandparents

  1. I’m impressed they’ve written words in Arabic – I’ve been taking Arabic classes for three weeks now and the alphabet is giving me a headache! It’s a useful language to learn though, it’s spoken in 23 countries (you probably already know that though…).


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