All Sorts

I’ve been struggling to write a post this week as we’ve been so busy I’ve been wondering what I can write about without it reading like a list.  So, apologies but here’s a list of what we’ve been up to!

There has been a lot of playing outside – the girls are getting so strong!  M even has callouses on her palms from the monkey bars.


They enjoyed another pottery class this week – their work is still in progress so no pictures yet!  After pottery they really wanted to explore the church yard and communal gardens next door and I had a hard time dragging them away!


D has been enjoying playing with Junior Scrabble…


And doing a bit more work on her space lapbook (nearly finished!)


And she wrote a great story which you can read here – Ariel and Snow White.

Yesterday, the sausages had a ballet taster session.  D has had nostalgic memories of the ballet class she went to when she was 3.  As might be expected, the reality of it wasn’t as good!  M loved it though – especially because it means she gets to spend time with her best friend who also goes.

The girls have been spending quite a bit of time on their Father’s day cards.  Well, D’s was finished in 2 minutes flat,whereas M has been working on hers for about 2 hours and is only half done.  It’s going very well and there have been NO flops which is utterly remarkable!


While M was busy with her card, I entertained D with a few explosive science experiments – she was squealing with delight!  Big thanks to Lisa over at An Ordinary Life for the inspiration!  We made a lava lamp, followed by a ‘volcano’ and finished off with the Diet Coke and Mentos favourite.  M was joining in by the end, and now I need to buy more vinegar!

20140610_111547 20140610_114212

Today we’ve been reading together, to ourselves and to each other; making bracelets with loom bands, gardening, card games, workbooks and a 2.5 hour swimming session!


Ah yes… and dressing up in togas…







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