Nits and Stuff

This week we’ve been watching a lot of films.  One of the reasons for this is because of our new Netflix account, but the main reason is because of NITS!  M has nits! She started itching on Monday and we’ve been using the Nitty Gritty comb daily since then.  She’s never had nits before and it’s pretty gross but nobody else has caught them yet thank goodness.

According to the NHS website, other members of the family don’t have to be treated ‘just in case’ and neither do children have to be quarantined so apart from watching lots of telly while I’m combing the nits out, life has been carrying on as usual.

On Monday, despite the pouring rain, we went out to Kidsfest at Merton Abbey Mills.  We were hoping to have a go at arts, crafts, pottery, cake making and archaeological digging.  Unfortunately none of the events advertised were running (apart from a table of clay outside the pottery shop) which was very disappointing.  We did however, discover a rock shop where the girls had lots of fun choosing rocks to buy, making bracelets and discovering what their birth stones are.

20140825_111649 20140825_164645

There seems to be a slight movement away from computers over the last few days: D is continuing to love her sums and asked to get an old workbook out and her maths exercise book too.


She also helped me to peel the vegetables to make her favourite bolognese.


M has also been busy after discovering lots of forgotten things in the craft box.  These were all her own idea and now she wants to hang them from the kitchen window.



On Wednesday we went to the Carshalton group’s meet up in Devonshire Avenue Nature Area.  Unfortunately, M’s new friend couldn’t make it but both girls had a fantastic time – D found a chalk stone and set to work colouring in the wooden blocks.  Later, she asked me to write sums out for her to answer!  Meanwhile, M spent 2 hours foraging for haw berries!  I’d never even heard of them before but one of the HE ladies handed out a recipe for haw sauce which I want to have a go at.

20140827_141345(0) 20140827_153300 20140827_153500

Now that the sausages are getting a little less obsessed with our new computers, I need to get going on strewing some things to inspire them to start a new project.  I recently read this post about setting up a Reggio activity (I’d never even heard of Emilia Reggio so now I have more reading to do!), so I’m going to have a go at that next.  Now I’m being badgered to help M set up a marble run so I’m off!


2 thoughts on “Nits and Stuff

  1. Who says you can’t provide the same opportunities when home educating as at school? Nits! Definitely a rite of passage that, but hey ho. They all get ’em.


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