Moving on Up

On Monday we enjoyed the last pyjama day we’ll be having for a long time – although ‘enjoyed’ would be an overstatement for M: she is very ready to return to her classes and get a bit more stimulation!

We spent the day writing letters to Grandma, watching the Wizard of Oz, Go Diego Go and the Powerpuff Girls.  M was also working hard on her Sylvanian Family food cans.



On Tuesday, D decided that it was her new bunnies’ birthday so they both sat to write cards for them.  M also made them a parachute and back pack (no pictures of those though, unfortunately).


I had a break through with M that day.  She was getting angry about not understanding something (as per usual) and I made a shot in the dark comment about how she asks very intelligent questions.  I could almost see the tension in the room visibly shift and she admitted she didn’t think she was very clever at all?!!  The poor girl, she is so intelligent but because she questions EVERYTHING, she doesn’t think that she is!  I told her that she should never accept what someone tells her (even me!) without researching it herself.  I don’t want her to blindly follow anyone!  She seemed quite pleased with this new slant on things.  I think it’s a very good trait to have although the in-depth questions do try my patience sometimes…

On Tuesday afternoon I gave M advance warning that she didn’t have long to read her final book for the summer reading challenge.  She sat down and read her book in one sitting!  I love that she has completed the challenge with total self-motivation.  No cajoling from me was necessary at all!


Later on it was the first ballet lesson of the term, which M was eager to return to.  The class is in full on rehearsals for the up and coming production of Alice in Wonderland.  I had a peek through the door and the choreography looks great.  M LOVES it!  Though she has said she’s scared that she won’t learn the dance moves in time for the performance, she still wants to go ahead and do it.  Feel the fear and do it anyway – she’s so brave!  The girl is really going from strength to strength.

As for D, she has been soaking up knowledge from Go Diego Go, The Magic School Bus and various iPad apps.  She has been getting M to show her how to do the Monument Valley puzzles and creating more buildings in Minecraft.  Mostly, she has been spending LOADS of time on Reading Eggs.  I downloaded the app onto our new iPad (it isn’t available on android unfortunately) and its much easier to use so she’s been on it non-stop.


Her reading skills are far beyond what I imagined them to be and I think even she is surprised by what she can read now.  Her handwriting is also getting smaller as her fine motor skills improve, as this gorgeous letter shows…


Our new bedtime routine is working very well.  We go up around 8pm, I read to them both until 9pm and then go downstairs, leaving them to do whatever they want to do and decide for themselves when they are ready for bed.  Sometimes they play on computers, sometimes they run around like a herd of elephants, and sometimes (like tonight) they lie on the bedroom floor and draw or write.  I’m surprised by how sensibly they take themselves off to bed and I’m also surprised by how easily D has settled into a later bedtime (10pm) with a later wake up time (7.30am) when she spent a year (A YEAR!!!) waking up at 4.30am…?!


7 thoughts on “Moving on Up

  1. My goodness, asking questions is the #1 sign of intelligence in my view! The ability to think of new angles and see holes where other people blindly accept something as being “true” – it’s essential! What a pity that she puts so much pressure on herself, but I seem to find myself saying a lot “what a good job she isn’t at school”. I love reading your blog, between you and Angelic Scalliwags I’m getting a very good picture of what I’d like to do with my own hypothetical children 🙂


    1. She does put a lot of pressure on herself, you’re right, May. Unfortunately she’s cursed with perfectionism too. As she gets older, hopefully she’ll be able to use these attributes in a positive way!
      I’m glad Angelic Scalliwags and I are inspiring you. I like to read your blog too! Hope you’re enjoying your lovely new apartment.


  2. Love all the letter writing. We are also big Diego fans my kids are always making up animal games inspired largely by Diego. I am amased at how much they have learnt about animals from watching the shows, they know things that I never knew at their age


  3. It is shard watching them when they are frustrated. Theo was the same for a long time and used to get cross if he couldn’t get something perfect first time. He is better now that he is older and understands that everyone is still learning not just him.
    I think the letters are fabulous – aren’t their writing skills wonderful?

    I am glad that the bedtime change is working for you all. Are you feeling happier because of the change?


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