A Fort, Tropical Chocolate and a Rabbit Cage

We’ve had an activity filled week or so, well at least M has – D has mostly been on the sofa watching Go Diego Go and suffering from a horrendous cold!


M has been very busy with various activities: last week, we spent quite a bit of time building an enormous fort in the lounge (I found a large kitchen unit box on a neighbour’s skip!).  First of all, I cut a door in one side and the girls played ‘queens and guards’ for hours – M made D a paper crown, paper slippers, a scroll and then gave her an orb and sceptre.  D was very at home, sitting in her castle and ordering her ‘guard’ around.  They were having such a lovely game, I let them stay up late to continue it!  We also cut holes in the side to slot in Pringle tube cannons, so the girls can fire at anyone who dares to sit on the sofa.


The next day M and I decided to fully cut the door out and turn it into a working drawbridge.  Luckily, M had kept old school DT project which had a little drawbridge which we could look at for construction ideas.  M was in full engineering mode and was quick to correct my mistakes and come up with design ideas – she has a fascinating brain and is able to come at things from angles I hadn’t thought of.

20141008_134030 20141008_165438

M has also been busy working on the next stage of her Sylvanian Families craft.  She’s completed the 27 food cans and now she’s making food packets. This involves drawing and cutting out many rectangles in card which then have to be piled up and glued together before wrapping in paper, painting and finally adding the label.  There are about 30 to make so I’m pitching in too.  M is becoming very adept at using a set square and measuring in millimetres!


With D being so poorly, it has meant I’ve had a lot of time to concentrate on M, which she has loved.  I can’t remember why we started this, but one evening I was showing M how to safely light a match and she became fascinated with the burnt remains of the match (which I thought was charcoal but it turns out the wood has to be burnt in the absence of air to make this).  There followed hours of mixing the ash with various substances from our science box!

She has also been loving her ballet class, and now has the ‘uniform’, which she adores.


This week, we got the opportunity to visit the WWF HQ in Woking to do a tropical chocolate workshop!  The children learnt about how chocolate grows in the rainforest, Fairtrade, recycled packaging and even got to make their own chocolate and box to take it home in.  The girls loved it, although D struggled to concentrate for the length of the session (if she were at school she’d be in Year 1 – I don’t know how any 5 year old concentrates for a full day at school – perhaps they don’t!).  Thank you very much to our friend for organising it!

20141014_105522 20141014_110655 20141014_110721

When we got home there was ENORMOUS box in front of the door – our rabbit cage had arrived! I had hoped on having a sit down with a cuppa but M was so excited about building the cage we got to work straight away.  It was very difficult and the instructions were appalling but we got there in the end – 2.5 hours later!  Again, M’s engineering brain kicked into gear – I really couldn’t have built it without her.  We were so involved in it, I completely forgot about ballet so we missed M’s class – whoops!


We’ve also squeezed in climbing, judo and


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