Adios Diego

Well, she’s finally left the sofa: D’s love affair with Go Diego Go has waned.  We knew it would happen one day but it seemed to happen so suddenly!  It started yesterday when a little voice said ‘Mum, what should I do?’ – and there was D, NOT in front of the telly!!  I haven’t heard those words from D in a long long time.

Not that I am complaining about how much telly she’s been watching: the knowledge she has of countries and the various animals in them are phenomenal for a 5 year old, plus there’s the Spanish she’s learnt too.  This morning she asked me to play a game where I have to ask her questions using our globe: she must know 30+ countries, a few ocean names, all the continents and a few animals that I’d never heard of before (a sea crate, anyone?).

She also put on a puppet show using some shadow puppets that I made last year – I’ve found a lot of the old favourites are making a re-appearance at the moment.


She got out her art book and began to draw a Halloween-inspired spider web, which encouraged M to do the same.

20141021_160001 20141021_162103

And then she got out her Great Britain and Northern Ireland sticker atlas and got very involved looking at the various land marks.  We had an interesting diversion when I noticed that one of the stickers referred to treasure lost by King John in The Wash.  The sausages are fascinated by him due to Disney’s Robin Hood.  They were really keen to learn more about it so I got out a couple of books and read the relevant chapters to them.


It’s been a while since we sat around the table doing activities together, it felt like old times!  Being back in our front room also means they’re looking at it afresh and they both asked me questions about various pictures on the wall books, which led to conversations on evolution, extinction, why humans kill animals, what killed dinosaurs and quite a few more.

We had a visitor this week (Aunty S) that the girls were super excited about, and M made her a lemon cake, a card, and then a treasure map.  M helped me loads in checking the bedrooms were up to scratch (the bunk beds haven’t been used since Easter) and tidying up.  At one point I could hear a lot of whispering and sneaking about – the girls had done a massive tidy up job – and not just shoving things out of sight either, a PROPER tidy up – I was absolutely flabbergasted!!  Aunty S only stayed 24 hours but the girls got in a lot of quality time with her 🙂

We’ve also got my cousin Z and her son MD arriving tomorrow and staying for a few days – and the girls can’t wait to see MD!  He loves all things Minecraft so M came up with the idea of making him a Minecraft grass block, isn’t it great?!


It was not without it’s tears and frustrations but she was determined to do it and along the way she learnt about cube nets, measuring and is becoming more used to using a set square.

The activities continued up to bedtime with further old-favourites being pulled off the shelves and requests for me to read a few long-forgotten books too!

20141021_192726 20141021_193633 20141021_193639 20141021_200553

D has already requested I do the World map jigsaw with her tomorrow morning and told me she didn’t want to watch Go Diego Go anymore as she’d seen it too many times….  Amen to that.


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