Patterns, Weaving and Vomit

I’m able to sit here writing my blog in the middle of the day because both of my sausages are poorly.  Poor D has been very under the weather lately with a horrendous cold and she’s now onto her second bout of a vomiting virus.  M has finally caught the cold and sickness and I’ve got my fingers crossed that she’ll be well enough for her ballet production at the end of the week.

Last week, we all had a wonderful time when my cousin Z and her son MD came to visit for a few days.  In between a lot of Minecraft playing, we managed to squeeze in a day out to the Science Museum.  It was a bit more crowded than usual but this time we made it past the Pattern Pod and up to the Launch Pad, where the kids had a great time with the various experiments.  We also tried out the Red Arrows simulator which the girls adored and immediately wanted to go on again!

20141023_123757 20141023_120733

Our guests left on Friday and we went out to M’s climbing class.  While there, another Home Ed mum was giving away some of her old resources and I picked up a lovely pack of shapes.  On returning home, the girls immediately began making patterns with them.  M has returned to these shapes again and again over the past few days.  She made a pattern (shown below) that has a 3D element – the blocks around the edge are like raised cubes and she says the taupe ones are water pots.

20141024_161745 20141025_151615

D hasn’t been doing quite so many activities because of her virus but she’s still found the time to amaze J and other family members with her knowledge of the globe.  She also worked on her writing after finding a Biff Chip and Kipper activity book in her drawer.

M went for a sleep-over at a friends’ house on Sunday and came back with an idea (her friend’s mum is very creative) to weave with some electrical tape we bought from a pound shop recently.  This has sparked a weaving frenzy: she’s also started making a friendship bracelet and today began weaving ribbons until she decided she was too ill to continue.


Yesterday I got out my sewing kit to sew M’s name label into her outfit for the Alice in Wonderland ballet production. This sparked both girls interest and inspired them both to get their cross stitching out – I really must get my sewing machine up and running, I’m sure both girls would love it.  Here is M’s outfit – she’s playing a spotty dog in the caucus race – very cute!


M has been quite moody over the last few days – I’m not sure if this is linked to the illness or perhaps a sign that something needs to be adjusted in her life.  However, I did have a bit of a breakthrough last night (before the illness really set in) when I did a long ‘roughhousing’ (hate that word) session with her.  I know the importance of roughhousing with your kids, having read Playful Parenting, but I tend to leave it to J as it’s not really my thing.  But last night a tickle ended up in a full-on pillow fight on the bed and she really brightened up properly for the first time in days!  We agreed to do the same again soon 🙂


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