Busily Peaceful

So aside from Aspergers, a whole load of other stuff has been going on here…

Starting with putting up the Christmas tree!


Christmas has definitely begun in our house!  M is beside herself with excitement about all the craft she wants to do: she has about 6 different activities on the go at the moment, all of which she intends to give as gifts.  D is also very excited of course, mainly about the beauty of the Xmas tree and fairy lights 🙂

She has already made a card for Santa:


Inside she asks for a scarf, sunglasses and 5 lumps of coal, ahhh!

The best way to describe my days at the moment is ‘busily peaceful’.  I tend to have an hour to myself in the morning, when I have a cuppa and spend a bit of time doing blogging/Facebook/xmas shopping.

D is usually the first to come down and we either sit and chat, or she might ask to play something or watch Netflix.  The other morning we got talking about bees and this led to watching YouTube videos about getting stung and how to get honey from a hive.  The end result was D asking for honey on toast for the first time!

M tends to appear around 9am (she is such a night owl!) and after a few minutes will dive into some craft or other.  We recently had Grandma and Granddad to stay and M put on a puppet show – I am sooo impressed by her drawing skills!  She is now preparing for a Christmas play…


She also drew this portrait of me on a scrap of paper.  I was feeling pretty cheesed off with her beforehand and so I felt my heart swell when she presented it to me :).


We have breakfast quite late which suits all of our tummies, and then most mornings are spent with the girls doing various crafts, games, telly watching, iPad playing, or just make-believe.

Today, however, I had booked their Aunt Sh to look after them for two hours while I visited our local scrap store.  Another HEer set up a group subscription for £11/pa each and we can visit as many times as we like and take as much as we want (within reason).  I wish I could have taken the girls as it was pretty amazing inside but unfortunately they don’t allow children.  I was given a guided tour of the place and honestly could have loaded a van’s worth but I just took a few things for Christmas craft this time.  The lady there told me I had roughly £30-worth of stuff so this has certainly saved us money!


The girls were squealing with excitement when they saw it.  D immediately put a sequin strip on her head and tried to make a hat out of it, which was hilarious.  Then they both settled down to do other crafts in the front room: in this picture M is making her Xmas puppets while D is painting a polystyrene cone which is going to be a sparkly centrepiece for the Christmas table.


While this was going on, I was attempting to clean and clear the front room which has become horrendously packed with HE stuff and other nonsense.  After D had finished painting she decided she was going to play a song for M on the piano to motivate her to keep working.  It was VERY cute and heartfelt.  Then M had a go and sang Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer while plinky-plonkying away on the keys.  They were obviously in a musical mood as they then created a marching band with kazoos, a drum, a recorder and maracas and marched around the house chanting a song…


Which then led to playing with some ancient walkie-talkies – though they were yelling at each other, rather than talking…


It was such a busy afternoon we were almost late for M’s ballet class but we made it with a couple of minutes to spare, thankfully.  M told me today that she wished she could go to ballet every day.  During the class, D really looks forward to doing a workbook – I’m not sure why as she doesn’t like doing them any other time of the week?!  Unfortunately we left in such a rush today that I forgot her pencil case so she played Monument Valley on the iPad instead.

When we got home it was 5.30pm: I started making dinner; D immediately went to watch Dora the Explorer on Netflix (she is absorbing even more Spanish from this programme) and stayed on the sofa for the next 3 hours;  meanwhile, M carried on with her puppets, spent a bit of time sorting through her drawer of toys (she’s decided she doesn’t like most of the stuff in there) and played with her doll on her own upstairs for a long time.

Bedtime has been getting quite strange here in the past week.  For the last few months we’ve been ‘unschooling’ bedtime, which means basically that the girls get to decide when they are tired enough to go to bed.  However, I haven’t totally unschooled it because some evenings I feel like I really need time to myself so I take them up to bed at 8pm, read until 9pm and then leave them to it.  However, this has increasingly started to feel weird and a little like they are ‘banished’ upstairs and ‘unwelcome’ downstairs: particularly as M keeps sidling in to ask for help with some craft or other.  Quality time with J isn’t really an issue as he is rarely around in the evenings, so last night I experimented with keeping them downstairs until late.  I read their stories to them in the lounge while they did their crafts on the floor, I even read poetry to them which they seemed to enjoy.  Then we all went to bed together at the same time and it was really nice and peaceful.  However, today there was no way I could manage without my ‘alone’ time – but it just feels odd!  So, I’m wondering where this new shift in our routine will take us…


4 thoughts on “Busily Peaceful

  1. Would it work to have alone time earlier in the day? I really like the concept of afternoon quiet time, where everyone has to be in a separate room doing something that doesn’t disturb others – it can be napping, reading, playing, drawing, whatever, but it’s individual.


  2. Sounds lovely but it’s easier said than done! Our days are quite ‘drifty’ at the moment so pinning down a time in the day to suit us all would be quite difficult – it could work in a year or so when they don’t need my input as much though x


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