A Week in the Life of a Home Educating Family: Tuesday

Day 2 in the sausage household.  It’s hard work this daily blogging malarkey!

Here is Monday’s post, if you missed it:



We all wake up together and come downstairs.  J is already awake and is working on his laptop in the lounge.  M is still unwell so both girls (D doesn’t need any excuse) watch CBeebies for 2 hours.  Meanwhile, I begin writing yesterday’s blog post, make breakfast, have a shower and pack away the shopping which has just been delivered.  J leaves for work.  Generally, Tuesday is the day that we spend at home until late afternoon when M has her ballet class.


D decides she really wants to make a start on the World Map jigsaw which we failed to do yesterday – my job is usually to do the grunt work: turning all 150 pieces over, sorting them into continents etc, while she gets the glory of fitting them together.  M doesn’t know what to do with herself: she’s too poorly to do much but she’s bored – the worst combination, poor girl.



We give up on the jigsaw for a while and I let the bunnies out for a run around the kitchen. I have to clean the cage again – the amount of poo these two tiny things create is amazing. M attempts to stroke them but they keep hopping away which makes her quite cross.  D isn’t interested in the bunnies at all today and decides she would rather be a bunny herself… a bunny who likes sums!  M and I take it in turns to ask her sums (if you have 10 bunnies and Daddy puts 2 in a pot, how many bunnies do you have left?).  Eventually the bunny decides she would like to finish the jigsaw so we all get on with it.  D tells us what a ringed seal looks like and what they eat, she points out Borneo, Mexico and many more points of interest on the map… all learnt from Go Diego Go!



M and me then carry on our game of Monopoly and D plays Lightbot, which is an excellent app for learning coding.  It’s a very successful game: I manage to describe what ‘mortgage’ means to M without her getting angry, and she manages to buy Park Lane, Mayfair and all the stations so she inevitably wins!


I decide it is high time I did a bit of housework and go to hang a wash up.  When I come down again the girls are asking if they can help with a few jobs (I find they are generally very helpful if you give them the jobs they love to do) so D mopped the kitchen floor and M de-cobwebbed the radiators with a feather duster.  M also helped me put baking soda and vinegar into the washing machine to stop it being so smelly and D brushed out the bunnies’ vet beds which had just been washed and dried.


I still have tons of cleaning I feel I should be doing but the girls are in an activity mood so I try to encourage them to find an activity they can do without me: D chooses colouring and M wants to do sewing.  She’s been learning new stitches recently to put on a Christmas sampler she’s designed and wants to give as a present.  She has a real talent for sewing and has persevered with tricky stitches, taught herself new ones using YouTube and is generally being all-round impressive about it.  These are her practice stitches:


However, M isn’t quite well enough to sew for long so she plays on Minecraft for a while and D continues to colour.  I unsuccessfully battle the mess in the kitchen.


I have managed to get the kitchen looking as clean as it did this morning but am no further on with any other jobs.  Where did the last two hours go?  D now wants me to read Ella Bella Ballerina and The Nutcracker to her and I’m quite relieved to sit down for a bit so gladly do it.  It’s a gorgeously written and illustrated book and both girls are intrigued as to why the Mouse King would put a spell on the Prince, and why he turned him into a nutcracker.  Something for me to research when I have a minute.  M makes a final decision not to go to her ballet class this evening – she must be feeling pretty bad as she loves that class and wouldn’t usually want to miss it.


I then start to make dinner but D starts to ask me to find things for her, claiming she is too frightened to go upstairs on her own.  When I tell her I need to get on with dinner she starts to cry.  I manage to swallow angry retorts of ‘stop being ridiculous’ and ‘I’ve got enough to bloody do’ and calmly explain to her that I spend most of the day doing activities with her and sometimes I need to get on and do jobs.  It doesn’t work.  She goes off to cry in another room.  Hmph.  After half an hour I work out that she’s probably got low blood sugar and ask her if she would like something to eat.  She recovers instantly, asks for veggie hot dogs with broccoli, and plays with her toys while she waits.  Problem solved!


I sit down to eat my dinner in the lounge and ask M if she’d like to play Junior Scrabble.  I bought it last year but it’s the first time she’s shown an interest in having a go.  It turns out to be a little too advanced for her vocabulary but she seems to enjoy it anyway.  We have to stop after half an hour as she’s too exhausted.  Meanwhile, D is playing on Can You Escape – she loves puzzle games almost as much as me and M, even ones that are for older children.  I just have to walk her through the puzzle a few times until she gets it and then she has the satisfaction of remembering all the codes and hiding places on each level.

20141125_190013 20141125_190032


I suggest going up to bed early and having a longer reading session which both girls are surprisingly happy to do.  I start on another Rainbow Magic book with D and continue with Harry Potter for M.  M has lots of questions about why Neville Longbottom doesn’t confide in Harry about what happened to his parents, how close their friendship is, what the cruciatus curse does and many more.  I’m actually feeling like I could lie down and continue the conversation and/or go to sleep but I remember that I have jobs to do downstairs.


I come down and start to write yesterday’s blog up and edit it until it is vaguely coherent. J teeters in around 10.30pm and goes straight to bed: it seems the Christmas party season has begun in the City!  His job requires that he’s out most evenings but he rarely drinks much.


I go upstairs to bed and the lot of them are crashed out.  I have to clear out a load of toys plus an iPad and tablet before I get in.  Sleep!



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