A Week in the Life of a Home Educating Family: Wednesday

Half way through the week already – where do the days go?  This is becoming a very indoorsy week – the weather is not inviting me to go out, D has a terrible cold (again) and M is a bit under the weather.  Ah well – we’re so busy at home it doesn’t matter too much.

Here is my post for Wednesday – if you missed the earlier posts you can click on the links below.




It’s such a lovely time to wake up – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: after a year of waking up with D at 4.30am I am still glorying in these late starts 2 years on!  J gets up too and I make us both a cup of tea and we sit at our laptops in the lounge (how sad, ha!).  I just manage to get yesterday’s blog post edited and posted as D appears downstairs.  She surprises us by opening her dressing gown to show us that she’s fully dressed and has brushed her teeth and hair already!


After a chat, D wonders aloud what she can do so I pull out a sticker book that I had strewn yesterday (which nobody noticed).  It’s all about the human body and D’s eyes light up – she loves this sort of thing.  I notice a picture of an embryo on the front cover which leads us onto a discussion about how when D was a blastocyst we had her frozen for two years (both sausages were born through one course of ICSI IVF); how M was lying incorrectly in my uterus and her placenta was in the wrong place which led to a c-section; which led onto talk of placentas, cervixes, eggs and ovulation.  Phew, all that before 9am.


I am ready for breakfast by this point but get distracted by the bunnies so I let them out for a run around the kitchen while I clean out their cage.  The girls are desperate for strokes but the bunnies are having none of it.  I need to look into ways of encouraging them to bond with us.  Then I get my breakfast, do a bit of cleaning and have a shower.


Meanwhile, J mentions to the girls ‘what if Mummy was poorly and unable to look after you, what would you do?’, which sparks off a morning’s project of ‘lets pretend we’re doctors in a hospital and Mummy’s our patient.  They also start on some get well soon cards and J heads off to work.


The girls are still preparing their cards so (as I’m not allowed in the lounge) I make myself a coffee and go upstairs to clean our bedroom.


The cards are finished so I dutifully lie down in the ‘hospital bed’ and am bombarded with well meaning doctors poking me with thermometers, bandages, syringes, stethoscopes, cards and questions about my health.  At one point, M even whacks me on the knee to test my reflexes.  I’m appreciative though as I get to lie down for half an hour under a blanket.

20141126_131849 20141126_131930


I hear a heavy thud as the post hits the floor and D goes to see what it is – she brings back a parcel for her and M: inside are cards and Christmas decorations for the girls to make. They are so pleased and get to work on them straight away – thank you Grandma!  For about 5 seconds I ponder whether we should go out to our HE social group this afternoon and then think better of it as it’s still cold and wet outside.


D decides she wants to watch a Jake and the Neverland Pirates DVD and gets under a blanket on the sofa: it’s freezing today.  M and me play Monopoly in the kitchen.  The maths involved in the game is great – I can tell it’s giving M’s brain a bit of a workout.  M keeps humming the Harry Potter theme tune so I buy the mp3 and play it – M is delighted. Then we listen to Prunella Scales telling us all about The Nutcracker.



I encourage M to take a break as I can tell her brain is full: she’s having trouble concentrating and she can’t understand anything I’m saying!  She reluctantly agrees and has a go at Minecraft but ends up doing some Christmas craft instead.  D is onto her second Jake and the Neverland Pirates DVD.  Still, it has a certain amount of educational value: today she learnt what ‘scurvy swab’ means.


I almost have to force both girls to tell me what they want for Christmas: I manage three items from M and one from D.  Once this is done I surreptitiously send off emails to family members telling them what they’d like, and also do a bit of sneaky shopping on Amazon.


D gets bored of her DVD and joins M in some craft: she makes a wreath by drawing holly leaves and berries onto a polystyrene ring.  It is very lovely but very ‘D’ – it was completed in about 5 minutes! M wants to make a Santa that stands up and deliberates for ages about his limbs which ‘don’t look right’.  M wishes she was D and could just ‘do’ things.  D says ‘well why don’t you then, it’s easy being me’.  So I suggest that D try being M for a while if she thinks it’s so easy to be someone else.  D doesn’t think much of this idea.



I let the rabbits out into the kitchen again.  We try to tempt them towards us with cabbage leaves but they grab the cabbage and run.  The girls watch Peter Rabbit on telly instead – he is much friendlier, after all.  M took this picture of them sharing a cabbage leaf.


D goes back to her human body sticker book and we read through a few pages.  Bearing in mind it isn’t aimed at 5 or 7 year olds, they both do a very good job at understanding what I’m reading to them.  We talk about why it might have been illegal to dissect dead human bodies in the past.  M says it’s not very respectful and is similar to jumping on peoples graves, so we talk about whether it might be ok if you grant permission before you die.



D decides she wants to dress up as Tinkerbell so I go upstairs to help her put the dress on. Meanwhile, M is doing a rather fabulous doodle – from a distance it looks like an anatomical drawing!



Having been indoors for 2 days, the girls are due a ‘mad half-hour’ and of course it begins at bedtime.  I manage to calm them down enough to read them both a story and leave them upstairs: D playing an imaginary game with her bunnies and M finishing a puppet for her Christmas play.


M comes down again to eat some biscuits.  And then comes down a second time to ask for her Christmas to do list.  We find it and she decides to carry on making her sequin bauble so I take the tray of sequins and beads upstairs and leave her to it.


I go upstairs and find M still working on her bauble.  D is snuggled up in bed and is nearly asleep.  By the time I’ve cleaned my teeth she is asleep.  M and me go to sleep holding hands. 🙂


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