Fun and Stress

We’ve been out of the house a lot in the last week, in fact we’ve been out for at least half of all but one day: a lot for us! Three play dates; J took the girls to London; we had another celebration and a meal out for my birthday; M had her art class; we had a pyjama day; and we went into Wimbledon to get M some sandals.

More fun at Morden Hall Park. with J this time:

20150416_142731 20150416_143201_10

Fun in London with J:


Making bath crayons:


Playing outside:


And of course, lots and lots of art:

20150413_180655 20150421_183305 20150421_183325

Both girls have been struggling with their emotions this week.  D has been upset because she won’t be spending her birthday with any Nottingham relatives and we won’t be having a ‘proper’ party either (the fact that she’s already had a party with all her Nottingham relatives didn’t placate her).  She’s also been upset by M’s behaviour towards her.  M has been getting very stressed over the pressure of getting D’s birthday card perfect and finished in time.  Because she struggles to understand and express her emotions she’s been taking her frustrations out on me and D.  Thankfully, after 3 tortuous days, the card is finished and is, of course, utterly amazing!  It again highlights for me how much stress she must have been under with the pressures of school.

20150422_165821 20150422_165933


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